A.C. MOORE Application

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Many people who live in the Eastern United States know that if they are looking for arts and crafts supplies one of the best places to head is A.C. Moore, the ‘crafts superstore’ that has over 140 locations across the East as well as a relatively newly launched Internet based e commerce site that offers crafters nationwide the chance to shop with them.

The first A.C. Moore store was opened by Jack Parker in 1985 in Moorestown, New Jersey (thus the name) The concept of a large arts and crafts store catering not just to hobbyists but to the public in general quickly caught on and began to expand East all the way down to Florida. The company went public in 2007.

Although it has its competitors, primarily Michaels, for many people A.C. Moore’s stands out because not only do the stores sell all kinds of crafting supplies but advocates for crafting and art as well, offering free in store classes and showcases for local crafters who want to showcase their ability and share their knowledge with others.

Who Can Work at A.C. Moore and What is It Like? 

Most people who work at A.C. Moore begin as an entry level Team Member. The minimum requirement for such a job is that the applicant is at least 18 years old, holds a high school diploma or GED and can prove they have the legal right to work in the US. This position involves on the floor customer service, stocking, display work and cashier duties. As a Team Member becomes more experienced and familiar with the store’s offerings they may choose to work in a specific department utilizing skills such as framing. Many of the company’s store management positions are filled from within as well.

Job opportunities are also available at the company’s corporate headquarters in Berlin, New Jersey and at the handful of distribution centers maintained along the East Coast.

All A.C. Moore employees are offered a benefits package that includes health insurance, a 401K, paid vacation days and an employee merchandise discount.

Completing the A.C. Moore Application the Right Way 

If you are interested in working for A.C. Moore the place to begin searching for local job opportunities is the Careers section of the company’s official website/e-commerce store. There you will find a listing of all the positions that are currently available throughout the company.

Once you have found a position that seems suited to you and you are ready to apply you will be instructed to do so online. After creating the required user account (remember to use an email you check often and make a note of the password you choose) you will go on to complete the A.C. Moore application.

As you work your way through the application, which will take most people 25-40 minutes to complete, make sure you double check every piece of information you input, especially phone numbers and addresses. Pay close attention to the interests section to. A.C. Moore looks for people who have genuine interest in crafts so don’t forget to list any hobbies you might have that fall into that area.

Interesting Information about A.C. Moore You Might Want to Know 

Most employment experts advise that jobseekers take a little time to learn about the company they want to work for as that knowledge almost always impresses employers as it demonstrates that candidates have a true interest in working for them. To give you a little head start on that research here are a few snippets of information about A.C. Moore you may not have been aware of:

  • In addition to the classes that they offer in store, A.C. Moore also offer children’s parties, adding crafts to the usual kids’ birthday party activities.
  • A.C. Moore stores all also operate a free summer crafts program for children. Every year the children also help raise money for a charity while they craft.
  • A large part of AC Moore’s custom relates to weddings. Many brides, looking to create their own wedding decor, favors and other items make great use of all that the store has to offer them and most stores even have a wedding consultant on staff to assist them.
  • As most teachers are responsible for purchasing their own classroom supplies A.C. Moore assists them by offering a Teacher’s Discount program which gives educators a 15% discount on any purchase.
  • A.C. Moore is very active in charitable affairs. They are regular fundraisers for the Easter Seals Program, for a number of different cancer charities and for Alex’s Lemonade Stand, the foundation started by a four year old cancer patient, Alex Scott that continues to raise money a decade after her passing.