Aeropostale Application

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Although some people tend to consider Aeropostale as a brand that is similar to Abercrombie and Fitch or American Eagle, this mall based chain directly targets one of the hottest – and highest spending – demographics in fashion, the 13-17 year old market. Where the other two rivals we have just mentioned also market to young adults the Aeropostale focus on the teen market has served them well since 1973, although the company has recently added a line for younger kids – aged 5-12 – called PS Aeropostale.

There are over 1,000 Aeropostale stores in malls across the US and more than 200 in other markets, including Canada, the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Peru, Singapore, the Philippines, United Arab Emirates and Turkey.

Aeropostale design and market all of their own clothes and accessories and their text heavy graphic clothing has become something of a status symbol within its main demographic.

Who Can Get a Job at Aeropostale

Anyone over the age of seventeen can apply to work as an entry level store assistant at Aeropostale. Because the demographic of the customer base is so focused on youth it is common for candidates to be sourced at the college level. Unlike Abercrombie and Hollister though there are no ‘model associate’ opportunities and everyone starts off on an equal footing although it is fair to say that the average  Aeropostale store does have a ‘retail team’ that is young and good looking.

Education and ongoing training is heavily emphasized for all retail store employees, and a dedicated Aeropostale School of Management grooms candidates for management positions from within the organization, so for a young person with management ambitions who shows the right potential the chances for advancement are rather high indeed, even without a formal degree in a relevant subject.

As all of the clothing sold at Aeropostale is company designed there are design studios located in a number of different US cities, primarily New York City, and promising design students can apply to intern in these studios while still in school with a potential job opportunity becoming available after graduation for successful candidates.

Completing the Online Aeropostale Application the Right Way

Any available positions, across the US, are listed at the Careers Aeropostale website. The application process for any position with the company is one that is almost completely Internet based. Before the application process begins you will have to register for an account within the system using a personal email address. If you currently have an email address that is less than professional – for example – you should create a new account that is more professional, as a funny email address is fine for communicating with friends and family but is certainly not suitable for applying for a job of any kind!

The application process itself will initially take between 15 and 40 minutes, depending upon the position you are applying for and so you should allow yourself ample time, in a quiet place where you will not be interrupted, to complete it.

When entering information it is crucial that you double and even triple check it for accuracy, as even the smallest of mistakes, a transposed digit in a reference phone number for example – can delay the processing your application considerably. Once you have completed and submitted the Aeropostale application you will need to return to the site again to track its progress, so ensuring that you note down the user ID and password you have been assigned is another must, as these cannot be reset or changed.

Interesting Facts About  Aeropostale You May Want to Know

  • As the main focus of  Aeropostale is a teen audience the company’s marketing campaigns are directly geared to their interests. This has often meant partnering with bands that appeal to that demographic. For example, the first such collaboration was with Fall Out Boy in 2007 when their album Infinity on High was marked directly in store with a store-exclusive T-shirt as a bonus. More recently the company has partnered with The Black Eyed Peas and Will.i.Am as a solo artist to do the same thing.
  • Since 2007  Aeropostale have also been releasing an annual ‘collectible’ teddy bear that is offered free throughout November and December with a $100 purchase. Stocks of the bear are also donated to local children’s charities every year as well.
  •  Aeropostale have made ongoing efforts to promote social awareness and charitable giving among their target demographic. The ongoing  “Teens for Jeans” for example is campaign to raise awareness of teen homelessness and encourages teens to donate used jeans in store to be donated to homeless shelters in return for a small store credit towards new merchandise. A newly launched ‘Coats for Kids; does the same thing to provide winter coats for homeless teens.