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American Eagle is one of several US based mall fashion outlets that target the ‘youth’ demographic and could be considered a direct competitor for the likes of Abercrombie and Fitch, Hollister and, to a certain extent, A√©ropostale.

The company was founded in 1977 in Pittsburgh, PA by Jerry and Mark Silverman, fifth generation retailers whose family had been well known in retail in the Northeastern United States since the turn of the twentieth century. The company’s original demographic was the same as it is today – the 15-25 ‘young adult’ market, specializing in ‘preppy casual’.

There are currently just under 1,000 American Eagle stores in the US, located primarily in malls and outlet centers. Since 2006 a separate division, aerie, a lingerie brand, has operated in 148 stand alone stores, offering competition to Victoria’s Secret within the younger demographic American Eagle primarily targets. Until recently there was also a 77Kids division offering clothing for tweens and young teens but that is now slowly being phased out.

Who Can Get a Job at American Eagle

In order to become a part time or full time retail associate – the most common entry level job – with American Eagle – a candidate must be 18 years of age of older and have a minimum of a high school diploma or GED. as American Eagle designs and manufactures all of its own clothing there are also a number of paid internship positions available for college level design students, although in order to take advantage of these opportunities employees must be able to work at the company’s main Pittsburgh campus.

Store management positions are usually filled from within, after a promising retail staff member has undergone a company sponsored management course which also often involves travel and time spent at the Pittsburgh campus.

American Eagle also maintains a number of distribution centers where blue collar and white collar jobs including warehouse staff, human resources personnel and drivers are often available.

Completing the Online American Eagle Application the Right Way

Whatever the position may be that you are interested in all applications for employment with American Eagle have to be made online. American Eagle is actually one of a growing number of companies that outsources its staffing to a consulting firm, so actual AE management does not become involved in the process until the face to face interview stage.

Any and all open jobs are posted at the American Eagle corporate website and can be searched by area or job title. In order to complete the American Eagle application you will need to create an account on the corporations section of their recruiter’s website, a link to which is given from every job posting.

Prior to even beginning the application process you should make sure that you have an email address that you check regularly and that has a format that is professional in nature. Joke type email addresses can be amusing for personal communications but they will create a very bad impression with recruiters. You should also make an immediate note of your account log in credentials as you will need them again to check the progress of your application and/or to provide further information.

Depending upon which position you are applying for the initial American Eagle application can take up to 45 minutes to complete, so you should plan accordingly. When completing the application you should double check all of your entries before submitting it as even the smallest of errors can delay, or even ‘void’ your application.

Interesting Facts About American Eagle You Might Like to Know

  • Beginning in 2009, Abercrombie & Fitch has sued American Eagle Outfitters a half dozen times¬† for supposedly copying its designs and its advertisements. American Eagle has however won all of these challenges on the grounds that according to US law Abercrombie & Fitch cannot copyright a certain common clothing style in the US. Technically the two stores have a rather different stated ‘design ethic’, with Abercrombie describing its offerings as ‘near luxury’ while American Eagle describes its look as ‘retro vintage cost efficient clothing’. Similarities between the two stores offerings are sometimes rather easy to spot though.
  • Although there are fewer than 150 physical stores, the aerie lingerie brand now outsells Victoria’s Secret in its target demographic – the 15 – 25 year old female customer – mainly thanks to online sales. An aerie casual clothing line has recently been added to compete with a similar line offered by Victoria’s Secret, ‘Pink’.