Applebee’s Application

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These days Applebee’s is one of America’s most popular casual dining restaurants. It is a relatively new concern though, having only been founded in 1980.

Back then, Bill and T. J. Palmer opened a small casual dining restaurant, T.J. Applebee’s Rx for Edibles & Elixirs, in Decatur, Georgia. After that restaurant’s success and that of another nearby, W. R. Grace and Company offered to buy the restaurants with a view to building a franchise. The brothers agree, with Bill staying on as president of the Applebee’s Division, and he has overseen the growth of the chain to one that now boasts  2,019 restaurants operating system-wide in the United States, one in Puerto Rico and several dozen others internationally.

The company changed its name in 1987 to Applebee’s Neighborhood Grill & Bar to reflect the Palmers’ original concept of a place people could call their own.

In 2007 Applebee’s was sold to the IHOP Corp (as in International House of Pancakes) an now the merged company is known as Dine Equity and is officially the largest full service restaurant company in the world, with over 3,500 restaurants worldwide and more planned.

Who Can Work at Applebee’s  

Anyone over the age of 18 can apply to work as a server at Applebee’s. (the age restriction is due to the fact that servers must handle alcoholic beverages)

There are also positions for kitchen staff, where you will find positions for everything from dishwashers and janitors to chefs and line cooks. In the front of the house bar-staff and hosts/hostesses also play an important role in the team.

Most management positions, as is the case in so many service industry companies, are mainly filled in house, something that means that the promotion prospects for entry level  staff who want to advance are excellent.

There are a limited number of corporate job opportunities available as well at the company’s Kansas City, Missouri headquarters.

Completing The Applebee’s Online Application the Right Way 

As most of the Applebee’s restaurants are independently own franchises, they all do have different methods of application. A great many do ask online applebee’s application, but here are others that only accept paper applications in person. If you head to the main company website, and do a zip code search in their Careers section, the restaurants hiring near you, and the preferred method of application, will be displayed.

However you are instructed to apply, accuracy and honesty are the most important things to remember. Double check every item of information you enter or write for mistakes, as even the smallest ones may delay your application.

You should also not claim experience you do not have (saying that you have waited tables before when you have not for instance) Most Applebee’s are willing to train the right people, but if you claim to have existing skills you don’t, then the outcome may not be good.

Interesting Applebee Facts That You May Like to Know 

  • Applebee’s has something of an upscale sports bar atmosphere, so it should not be too surprising to learn that one of the company’s executive chefs, Michael Slavin, spent a number of years working as the personal chef to the Kansas City Royals Major League Baseball team before joining the company.
  • Applebees is very popular in China, where the first restaurant opened in 2007. The menu in China is very similar to that in the US and yet sells very well, especially their signature Riblets.
  • People often wonder what cut of meat Applebee’s use to create their riblets. he cut is actually no from he ribs at all, but is instead from the more tender feather bones just beneath the tenderloin, something that accounts for their very juicy taste and lack of bones.
  • In 2004 Applebee’s were the first chain to offer a car side service. Customers can call in a takeout order that will then be delivered right to their car in the parking lot. This is an especially popular service with office-workers at lunchtime.
  • The New York City, Times Square Applebee’s location generates $13.5 million in revenue a year, making it the highest grossing location of any casual restaurant chain in the world.