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There are many who say that the traditional bookstore is becoming a thing of the past, and in some ways that is true, as some book retailers have indeed suffered since the introduction, and the now huge popularity, of the e reader and the e book. Barnes and Noble are one chain however who are surviving and thriving in the face of these innovations, mainly because they are changing to adapt to them. These changes have included an expanded choice of merchandise that includes music, movies and educational toys as well as the addition of cafes into many branches.

Barnes and Noble also got in on the ereader boom themselves, by launching the Nook, their branded version of the very popular Amazon Kindle. One way that Barnes and Noble actually encourages Nook owners to visit their physical stores is to offer an hour’s worth of free access to popular titles via the store’s wi fi system.

Barnes and Noble has a long history to uphold though. In 1886 a young man called Gilbert Clifford Noble was hired at the Arthur Hinds & Company bookstore on Fifth Avenue in New York City. By 1894 he had become so invaluable that he was made a partner and the name of the store was changed to Hinds & Noble to reflect that. In 1917 Noble bought out an aging Hinds and then partnered with William Barnes, a childhood friend.

In 1932 the store moved to its now legendary flagship location on 18th Street and Fifth Avenue. These days there are 675 retail B & N bookstores in the US as well as 686 college bookstores located on campuses across the country.

Who Can Work at Barnes and Noble? 

Retail associates at Barnes and Noble are expected to love books! There is also a very heavy influence on customer service, so employees must excel there too. B&N does offer part time opportunities to high school students but full time employees need to be over the age of 18 and have a high school diploma or GED.

In addition to cashiers and ‘on the floor’ customer service employees entry level workers are also employed in the cafes. Management is usually sourced from within in all departments so such positions do have the potential for growth and career advancement for those interested. It is, after all, how Gilbert Clifford Noble made his fortune!

Barnes and Noble also have a very lucrative online retail operation and so at their Palo Alto ‘tech’ headquarters there are all kinds of opportunities for call center agents, programmers and computer engineers.

Completing the Online Barnes and Noble Application the Right Way 

B&N maintain an online database at their corporate headquarters that catalogs all of the available positions across the country and is searchable via a zip code search. If a potential employee finds a job that interests them they can apply directly from that link.

In addition to completing the formal online Barnes and Noble application candidates are also required to upload a copy of their current resume,no matter what position they are applying for. You should make sure that everything on your resume is correct and up to date and that everything is also spelled correctly as well.

When it comes to actually completing the Barnes and Noble application much of the information you will be asked for will be the same as you already have on your resume, but that does not mean that anything should be omitted. Applications and resumes are not usually stored together in the applicant tracking system so it is essential that all of the right information is available to whoever accesses it.

Interesting Facts About  Barnes and Noble You May Want to Know

If you can demonstrate at an interview that you have taken some time to learn about the company then you are sure to impress your interviewer. To help you get started here are a few things you may not have known about the world’s largest book retailer:

  • The chain’s mascot is a teddy bear called Barnsie. In his current incarnation he is fond of wearing sweatshirts and has both his own Facebook account and his own Twitter.
  • In November 2011, Barnes & Noble introduced the NOOK Tablet™. A direct competitor to the Amazon Kindle fire it allows users to all kinds of online services including apps from the Android market.
  • Although most people imagine that Amazon pretty much has the market cornered in actual fact Barnes and Noble held a healthy 27% share of the eBook market in the US in 2013. They also held 45% share of the digital newsstand market in North America.
  • ‘Bestselling’ novels only account for 5% of Barnes and Noble’s overall annual sales.
  • Barnes & Noble hosts close to 100,000 community events every year, more than any other large US corporation.