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Printable Bed Bath & Beyond Application


The name pretty much says it all; whatever you are looking for in terms of home decor accessories you can probably find it at Bed Bath & Beyond. Officially termed a ‘domestic maintenance’ chain Bed Bath & Beyond was founded just as the Seventies began to cash in on new surge of interest in home decor and has since grown into a chain that boasts some 1,300 stores across the US, Canada and Mexico.

Bed, Bath & Beyond began life as Bed ‘n Bath in Springfield, New Jersey, founded by Warren Eisenberg and Leonard Feinstein. Within the space of 15 years, stores were in operation across the tristate New York, New Jersey, Connecticut area and the pair opened their first true ‘superstore’ in New York City in 1985. The store grew in leaps and bounds after that, especially after their own real direct competition within the US, Linens N’ Things, declared bankruptcy and went public in 1992.

Thanks to various acquisitions made over the last ten years the “3b’s” as it is known for short now operate five different store brands; the flagship Bed Bath & Beyond, The Christmas Tree Shop, Buy, Buy Baby, Harmon Face Values and Costplus World Market. Most recently the company acquired a Mexican chain of stores, ‘Home and More’ and have since changed the name to ‘Bed, Bath and Beyond’.

Who Can Work at Bed Bath & Beyond 

Whichever of the five stores they eventually work in (and obviously the choice is yours based on your location and interests) the basics of employment with Bed Bath & Beyond are the same. Most people begin as ‘associate team members’, a position that encompasses stocking, customer care, cashier duties and some display set up. To be considered for a position you must be over the age of 18, the holder of a high school diploma or GED and be able to prove your right to legally work in the country in which you are hired (there are also 3B stores in Canada)

It is actually stated within the company manifesto that the policy is that it is preferable that management positions are filled from within, meaning that for those with the drive, and who are willing to work hard, there are indeed opportunities for advancement.

In addition to store positions there are also corporate opportunities available at the company’s headquarters in Union, NJ, and blue collar and driver positions at their numerous warehouse facilities which are dotted across the country. Benefits offered to all staff include health insurance, a 401K plan, employee stock options, paid vacation and sick days after six months, and an employee discount.

Advice for Completing the Bed Bath & Beyond Application the Right Way 

As is the norm these days the Bed Bath & Beyond application can only be submitted and completed online. To do so, and to look for suitable positions in the first place, head to the careers section of the official company website. There you will find listings of all the positions available across all five chains.

Having found a job description that interests you, you will then be redirected to a separate recruitment site to complete the Bed Bath & Beyond application. You will be required to create a ‘user account’ to do so and that means including an email address that you check regularly as this is how communications are made during the hiring process. You should also make sure that it is a professional sounding address. Silly addresses such as ‘rapgod10’ or ‘sexygirl1’ may be fine for emailing your friends but are hardly suitable for use on a job application!

When completing the standard personal information, including your work and employment history although it all may be very familiar to you take the time to double check hat you write, as even the smallest mistakes could be difference between you getting a call back on your application or not being considered for the position at all! Be especially careful with phone numbers and as you will be asked to provide references make sure these people are aware you have given out their information and will be willing to speak highly of you!

Interesting Bed Bath & Beyond Facts 

Any interviewer or recruiter is impressed if a candidate can show they have taken enough interest in the company they applying to work for to learn a little more about it. To that end (and to kick off your research) here are some facts about the home goods giant that you may not have known.

  • Bed Bath & Beyond did not begin to sell small appliances and electronics until 1994. These products however now make up about 7% of their inventory in the Bed, Bath and Beyond stores.
  • The company’s founders, Warren Eisenberg and Leonard Feinstein, who still serve as the co Chairmen of the 3b’s Board of Directors, are famed for their hands on management style. Throughout their careers it has been far from unusual to find them working alongside floor staff in the stores, promoting the idea of teamwork which is at the core of the company’s manifesto.
  • The Bed Bath & Beyond Stores are unusual in that store managers are given the leeway to change pricing and add promotions s they see fit to keep up with local competition without prior ‘permission’ from the corporate board.
  • Bed Bath & Beyond are among the leaders in the US in the wedding registry business with tens of thousands of couples signing up for the service every year. They even offer the services of a planner free of charge, a reason perhaps that it is so popular.