Best Buy Application

Printable Best Buy Application

Best Buy is one of the biggest consumer electronic stores in the US (it is particularly popular in the Northeast) Offering everything from DVDs and video games to household appliances. There are also job opportunities at Best Buy for people of all ages. Not just as a general store clerk but also with their Geek Squad service and at their corporate offices. But any career with the retail giant begins with the same first step – completing the online Best Buy application.

** Best Buy does not provide a printable Best Buy application form. In order to apply for a job at Best Buy you need to enter the Best buy career website.

Working at Best Buy 

Retail Clerks
Working as a retail clerk in a Best Buy store has become a popular first job choice for teenagers. Entry level positions often include responsibilities like running the cash registers and helping with inventory.

Customer Service and Sales
The on floor customer service staff at Best Buy are called “blue shirts”. Often these are employees who began with the store as cashiers but have been promoted. Customer service staff need to learn all about the products being offered in their “area’ of the store because customers rely on them to help them make decisions about all kinds of purchases, especially if they are purchasing a big ticket item like a TV or a computer.

The Geek Squad
Geek Squad services have been offered in Best Buy stores for over a decade. In order to become a Geek Squad member you not only need a lot of technical knowledge but also great customer service skills as much of the job involves talking people through how to use – or troubleshoot – their computers. Some Geek Squad staff members work exclusively in stores while other get to drive one of those rather cool white orange and black Geek Squad cars and work in the field.

Store Managers
Best Buy is one of the many companies who prefer to promote from within. Most Best Buy Store managers begin their careers as cashiers and customer service reps.

Drivers and Installers
Best Buy offers both delivery and installation services on many of the larger items they sell and they hire and train their own staff to perform these duties.

Best Buy is headquartered in Richfield, MN and there are a wide range of corporate opportunities in those offices as well as other offices both in the US and abroad.

Full time Best Buy employees at all levels are offered medical and dental insurance coverage, a 401K plan and an employee stock purchase plan. Employees also receive a staff discount on anything stocked in Best Buy stores.

Completing the Online Best Buy Application the Right Way

The online Best Buy application is not a difficult form to complete but it is a rather lengthy one so you should allow yourself plenty of time – undisturbed time – to complete it.

Before you begin your Best Buy application you should gather all the information you will need. This will include the names and contact numbers of former employers if you have any, schools you may have attended (or in some cases are still attending) and reference names and contact information. Before you give anyone’s name as a reference though do check with them to make sure that is OK and that they will be willing to talk to a Best Buy hiring manager should they get a call.

Before you submit your application you should proof read it carefully (or even have someone else do it for you as fresh eyes often catch mistakes you did not) Even a very small error like one wrong digit in a phone number can delay the processing of your application considerably.

Things You May Not Know about Best Buy

  • Best Buy began life as an audio specialty store called Sound of Music in 1966. Founders James Wheeler and Richard Schulze opened the first of these stores in St Paul, Minnesota. Within a year they had three stores in area all running at a profit.
  • Sound of Music did not change its name to Best Buy until 1983. The name change came about after a tornado hit one of the Minnesota stores. The store offered a Tornando Sale in the aftermath touting it as a “Best Buy” sale too. The sale become an annual event but in 1983 the board decided they liked the Best Buy label so much they would change the name of the corporation and all of its stores.
  • In 2010 Best Buy implemented a nationwide video game trade in program to compete with rivals Gamestop. Consumers can trade in their games in-store or through an online process and receive store credit for their old games.