Burger King Application

Printable Burger King Application

Burger King is the number two fast food restaurant in the US, second only to McDonalds. Burger King has restaurants in approximately 12,400 different locations across the globe though and serves over 11 million people on a daily basis in 79 countries.

Although they now have a very extensive menu Burger King is of course the “Home of the Whopper” the famously flame grilled burger that put the chain on the map in the first place. The company is also known for the slogan” Have it Your Way”.  A great many people begin a career in the restaurant industry at locations all over the US and the world and they can get started as soon as they are 18 and complete the online Burger King application.

Download and Print Online Burger King Application (PDF)

Who are Burger King Hiring?

Most Burger Kings in US are now open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. That means the need for employment at each individual restaurant is a sizable one. If you are over 18 and apply to Burger King your first job will probably be a minimum wage position as a crew member. However Burger King like to promote from within whenever possible so a whole new life could be opening up for you.

Crew Members

Most Burger King restaurants do not hire anyone under the age of 18 but as 90% of the Burger King restaurants in the US are franchise owned some individual sites do hire people as young as 16. As a Burger King crew member you would be expected to learn all
about basic restaurant operations including how the food is prepared in the kitchens as well as learning how to provide great front of house service to customers.

Shift Leaders

As Burger King restaurants are open so many hours the restaurant manager cannot be onsite at all times! Shift leaders are crew members who have demonstrated the right leadership qualities to be able to supervise other staff working their shift. They usually report directly to the store manager.

Restaurant Managers

Almost all Burger King restaurants have both an assistant manager and a general manager, with the great majority of them being promoted from the ranks of the shift leaders.
Managers receive special training from the company to ensure that they have all the tools they need to manage a busy restaurant successfully.

Other Opportunities with Burger King

Burger King has corporate offices all over the world and there are many different employment opportunities offered there. There are also field training positions for those who like to travel and who have worked with the corporation for a while and have the hands on knowledge to be able to teach others the Burger King “way”.

Completing the Online Burger King Application The Right Way 

Completing that first online Burger King application can, as you can now see, open up a lot of new opportunities for you. Doing it the right way is important though as mistakes can really delay a Burger King hiring manager who might be trying to process it or may even cause you to lose your chance at a job altogether.

First of all whether you have printed out an application or are completing it right online make sure you choose to do so at a time when you will not be distracted or interrupted. The application asks for quite a lot of information and it will take a while to complete.

It is also important that you have all the necessary information you will need to complete the application on hand. While you know things like your social security number and your address and telephone number right off the top of your head you may also need to know the names, telephone numbers and addresses of previous employers, the address of schools you may have attended and certainly the names and numbers of your references.

Whether you are completing a paper Burger King Application or an online Burger King application you must double, even triple check it for mistakes before submitting it for consideration. Even something as tiny as a transposed digit in a phone number – an easy mistake to make – can cause real problems.

Interesting Facts about Burger King You May Not Know

  • Originally founded as Insta Burger in Jacksonville Florida in 1953 Burger King has undergone a number of ownership changes over the years. The most recent was in 2010 when the Brazilian capital company 3G. Intending to invest a great deal of money into the chain they delisted the company from the stock exchange so that it can be rebuilt without having to please shareholders.
  • Burger King is perhaps most famous for the unique way it cooks its burgers. The Insta- Broiler was the invention of the original owners Keith J. Kramer and Matthew Burns and it was originally required to be installed in all franchises.
  • Although he has been around in one form or another since the 1960s The Burger King himself, the chain’s long time mascot was officially retired in August 2011. Over the years The Burger King appeared in a number of popular TV shows and movies. He even got “Simpsonized” for a series of ads promoting Burger King’s tie in offerings for the 2007 “Simpsons Movie”. The King’s influence as a cultural icon is still strong, so he may not be retired for good.
  • In addition to their regular offerings Burger King Franchises also offer region specific food items as well. For example breakfast burritos are hot sellers in the Southwestern USA and a spicy mustard version of the Whopper is a popular choice in Texas.
  • Burger Kings overseas get even more creative with their takes on the Whopper. Across  the world teriyaki, beetroot, and even fried eggs have been added to the classic burger.
  • Burger King Restaurants in France and Germany carry beer in addition to the regular soft drink menu.