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CVS Pharmacy is the retail division of CVS Caremark, and is the US’s largest pharmacy chain, with over 7,000 locations nationwide. The chain was founded in Lowell, Massachusetts in 1962 as Consumer Value Store by Sid Goldstein, Stanley Goldstein, and Ralph Hoagland. The CVS name was first used in 1964.Within ten years the chain had expanded to over 200, thanks to a pattern of the acquisition of other, smaller drug store chains, a practice that CVS continues to this day.

Who Can Get a Job at CVS 

Because CVS has become such a diverse retail operation, there are a great many job opportunities available for people from all walks of life and of many different education levels:

Retail Clerks – These days the retail side of any CVS is a very important part of the store. The retail careers available are usually hourly positions and after an initial training period is over, retail cashiers can choose to become specialist cashiers, working as Beauty Product Advisors, in the Photo Lab section of the store or as a pharmacy cashier. The minimum requirements to apply to most CVS locations for an entry level retail clerk position is that the applicant be at lest 18 years old and hold the minimum of a GED.

Store Management: Most CVS retail stores employ both assistant managers and store managers. Although the company does like to promote from within where possible, they will also consider entry level candidates with some business management experience to enter the corporate management training program.

Pharmacists and Pharmacy Techs: The pharmacy side of a CVS retail store is still its heart, with most CVS locations, even the smaller ones, processing thousands of prescriptions every month. A licensed pharmacist would have a range of options should they apply to CVS, including working as a lead retail pharmacist ‘front of house’, managing the pharmacy benefits department or overseeing the mail order prescription department at a regional office.

Similar opportunities are also available to pharmacy techs, and in some cases tuition assistance is available to those who wish to continue part time formal education in order to become a fully licensed pharmacist.

Nurses, Nurse Practitioners and Physicians Assistants: Many CVS locations now operate what are called ‘Minute Clinics’. These in store facilities offer basic medical care for minor ailments, vaccinations, physicals and wellness consultations. Each of the locations is staffed by nurses, NPs and PAs, and as the number of Minute Clinic locations increases, so do the number of job opportunities for individuals licensed in these fields.

Corporate: In addition to their corporate headquarters in Rhode Island, CVS Caremark has a number of smaller regional office that offer a number of professional and clerical opportunities.

Distribution: In order to fill the large number of prescriptions they need to, it is, of course, very important that each store receives its drug supplies in a timely manner. To this end , CVS operates its own delivery and distribution facilities that offer jobs for call center workers, materials handlers, health insurance benefits specialists and medical billers and for delivery drivers.

Completing the Online CVS Application The Right Way 

Almost everything to do with applying for employment, and indeed when in training, is done online via CVS Caremark’s Recruitment Portal. When completing the online CVS application it is important that you allow yourself plenty of uninterrupted time to do so as it is a rather lengthy process. You should make sure that you have all of the information you will be asked for close at hand. This will include basics like you social security number and work history information, as well as the names and contact information (ensure that this is correct) f the references you are offering.

You should also be aware of the fact that like so many other employers these days, CVS Caremark does conduct both formal background checks and drug testing, so applicants must be prepared to consent to both of those things at some point during the application and interview process.

Before making the final submission of your online CVS application you should take some extra time to double – and maybe even triple – check that all of the information is correct, as even the smallest mistakes may delay the processing process.

Interesting Fast Facts about CVS You Might Want to Know 

  • Woonsocket, RI is the hometown of the pair of brothers who co-founded CVS, Sid and Stanley Goldstein. The location of what would be a Fortune 500 company’s headquarters in the small town was a major boon for the townspeople, as by the 1980s the textile industry which had been sustaining it had all but collapsed and many people faced long term unemployment.
  • Sidney Goldstein died in 1995 and Ralph Hoagland is no longer associated with the company. Stanley Goldstein however remained CEO of the company through 2006, retiring at the age of 70. He went on to work with The Big Picture Company, an education reform charity based in RI.
  • CVS Caremark fill over one billion prescriptions across the US every year. This makes them the largest pharmacy concern in North America.
  • 75% of Americans live within three miles of a CVS store, with most of the remaining population living no more than 15 miles away.
  • CVS Caremark  are the single largest employer of nurse practitioners and physician’s assistants in the United States.
  • CVS operate the most used retail loyalty scheme in the Western Hemisphere. Their Extra Care program currently has 70 million active subscribers.