Dollar Tree Application

Printable Dollar Tree Application


Dollar Tree is the nations largest (and some would say fastest growing) single price point chains in the US. Single price point means that all the items in the store are priced the same – and as the name suggests in the case of Dollar Tree that price is $1. There are now over 3,000 Dollar Tree stores across the US and more open up all the time. and given the current economic climate as you might imagine Dollar Tree is doing very good business.

Working at Dollar Tree 

Most Dollar Tree employees begin their career with the company as an hourly store associate. This position entails running the cash register, helping keep the store stocked and clean and also providing customer assistance whenever necessary. Although these positions usually pay little more than minimum wage there is a great potential for promotion for those who show aptitude.

Dollar Tree has a formal store management and promotion program that allows employees who want to “get ahead’ with the company to do so. Most of the store managers at Dollar Tree stores across the nation have been promoted from the ranks of hourly store associate.

The Dollar Tree Management Training Program prepares employees for the increased responsibility of store management . Once they have completed the program managers have the opportunity to transfer to stores all over the country if they so desire and a position is available.

There are also corporate opportunities for people who live in the Chesapeake, VA area, where the company’s headquarters are located. These jobs include administrative, marketing and human resources positions.

Dollar Tree does offer full time employees a number of benefits. These include medical and dental insurance as well as a generous 401K plan. Some part time employees are also eligible for some health care benefits.

Completing the Online Dollar Tree Application  

The Dollar Tree application is not completed online but you can find it here – just print it out to complete at your leisure and hand it  in to the manager at the store you are most interested in working in. The application is really hard to complete but it should be completed carefully as even a small mistake can delay the processing of your application quite significantly. Imagine if  a Dollar Tree store manager is interested in interviewing you but they cannot reach you because one digit in your telephone number was written in wrong!

Download and Print Dollar Tree Application (PDF)

Because you will be completing the application by hand it is important to write neatly and clearly. You should pay careful attention to the requirements as well as all store employees are expected to help unload delivery trucks bringing in new goods and therefore must have the ability to lift 50 pounds.

Family Dollar is one of an ever increasing number of employers who run a background check on people they have an interest in employing. this can include a criminal check and a credit check and you have to be willing to undergo such a test by checking the permission box on the online Dollar Tree application that you print out.

Interesting Dollar Tree Facts  

  • The man who founded Dollar Tree K.R Perry began his retail career opening a Bwen Franklin store in Norfolk, VA in 1953. His son Doug then rebranded the store as K&K Toys and built up a network of stores all over Virginia. In the 1980s he became interested in the idea of a store that sold everything for a dollar and that is how the Dollar Tree chain was born . When Doug Perry started the Dollar Tree chain he sold K&K Toys to the larger KB Toys.
  • In 2010 Dollar Tree opened its first non US locations when it bought out a Canadian  store chain, Dollar Giant Stores.
  • Although the number of physical stores they operate continues to grow since 2009 Dollar Tree have also allowed shoppers to purchase certain goods online, the first dollar store to offer such a convenience.
  • Dollar Tree supports a number of charitable causes including Operation Homefront, a charity that helped returning war veterans and “Growing Wetlands in the Classroom” a Virginia based school environmental program.
  • Dollar Tree is known as a crafter’s paradise with many of the people who love to do all kinds of crafts turning to the store to provide them with the materials to do so affordably. In fact, a number of popular online blogs now focus primarily on what is termed as “dollar store crafting”. Dollar Tree itself has also begun a YouTube channel that highlights a different craft project using supplies from their stores on a regular basis.
  • Dollar Tree is also a great favorite with teachers all across the country and the store offers bulk discounts to teachers and schools.