Dunkin Donuts Application

Printable Dunkin Donuts Application


Working at Dunkin Donuts can be a great first entry level job for older students but the company does offer career opportunities for everyone. In order to take advantage of them though you must begin by completing the online Dunkin Donuts application.

These days the Dunkin Donuts catchphrase is “America Runs on Dunkin” and with over 7,000 of their 16,000 worldwide locations being located in the US there is probably some truth in that.

When the chain was first founded in 1950 in Quincy, Massachusetts by William Rosenberg the focus was on donuts and baked goods. These days though coffee accounts for half of the company’s sales.

In the US highest concentration of Dunkin Donuts is found in the Northeast. Here you will not only find dedicated Dunkin Donuts restaurants but also smaller branches in gas stations and convenience stores.

Careers at Dunkin Donuts 

All of the Dunkin Donuts outlets in the US are independently owned franchises but they must all follow the basic corporate rules and practices, including when it comes to hiring and promoting employees.

Most people begin a career with Dunkin Donuts at the crew member level, working in the front of the hose serving customers. As Dunkin Donuts is part of the larger Dunkin Brands company, you may also find yourself working the Baskin Robbins ice-cream counter that is located right next to the Dunkin Donuts one in a great many locations.

Dunkin Brands has a promote from within policy and most shift supervisors, restaurant managers and regional training supervisors all begin as entry level crew members.

Dunkin Donuts is headquartered in  Canton, Ohio and has offices all over the country and the world in countries in which they operate. All of these offices offer a number of different corporate opportunities to people of all ages and skill levels as well.

Completing the Online Dunkin Donuts Application The Right Way 

Although each Dunkin Donuts is a franchise you can search for job opportunities online and complete an online Dunkin Donuts application to apply for the position – or positions – that interest you most.

While the application is not a difficult one to complete at all it is lengthy so you should complete it at a time when you are free from distractions and have the time to devote your full attention to making sure all of the information you give is complete and correct.

Before you begin the online Dunkin Donuts application you should make sure your have all your personal information on hand – including the contact details for your school, any former employers and the references you intend to list. Before you list people as references though you should let them know that you intend to do so so that they are not taken by surprise by a reference check phone call.

Before you finally submit your online Dunkin Donuts application double check it for mistakes. Pay special attention to phone numbers as just a single wrong digit can delay your application being processed significantly.

Interesting Dunkin Donuts Facts and Figures

  • Beginning in 2009 and again in 2010 Dunkin Donuts ran  a competition that asked customers to design their own donut. The winner receives a $12,000 cash prize and their creation is sold in Dunkin Donuts stores everywhere for a limited time. In 2009 the winner was Jeff Hager, who created sour cream cake donut which was topped with chopped up Heath Bar , which he called “Toffee For Your Coffee”. The 2010 winner was  Rachel Davis whose “Monkey See Monkey Donut,” was a bananas foster-filled donut with chocolate icing, topped with Reeses Peanut Butter Cups
  • Dunkin Donuts offers 52 regular flavors of donuts and adds limited time offerings on a regular basis. Competitor Krispy Kreme only has 30 flavors in comparison.
  • In April of 2011 Dunkin Donuts created a special donut to celebrate the marriage of the UK’s Prince William and Kate Middleton. Oddly enough though although they operate in 60 countries across the world there are no Dunkin Donuts in the UK. There were 4, opened in the West Midlands in the early part off the 21st century but all have since gone out of business.
  • Dunkin Donuts has heavy advertising ties with a great many Northeastern sports teams. In one of their most famous sports themed ad campaigns in 2007 they introduced a character who was a coffee cup called Joe Dunkin. During the campaign he “tried out” for the NY Mets and the NY Yankees, became a kicker for the day with the NY Giants and joined the NJ Nets as a “rapping rookie”.