Family Dollar Application

Printable Family Dollar Application


Family Dollar is one of the best known of the discount stores that are regaining popularity in the US as the economy continues to flounder.
This means that there are all kinds of career opportunities with the chain. Whatever your career level and position desire though all prospective Family Dollar employees have to begin in the same place – completing the online Family Dollar application.

Family Dollar sells everything from OTC medicines and cosmetics to large housewares. The stock is usually very varied and changes on a frequent basis. The lower than usual prices on most items make the chain a favorite store of families looking to save money while still purchasing high quality goods.

** Family Dollar does not provide a printable Family Dollar application . In order to apply for a job at Family Dollar you need to enter the Family Dollar career website.

Working at Family Dollar

Many employees begin their career with Family Dollar as a Customer Service Representative. CSRs are responsible for handling cashier duties as well as helping customers make decisions about their purchases and keeping the store stocked and organized. Although most of these positions pay a minimum wage level salary the potential for quick promotion is always there for ambitious and talented workers. For example after just three months as a shift leader an employee can apply to be considered for an assistant manager position.

There are also opportunities for field managers who help oversee the operations of all the Family Dollar stores located in a certain geographical region as well as for regional vice presidents who oversee all of these managers. It is Family Dollar’s policy to try to promote from within to fill these higher level positions whenever possible. This effectively means that a start as a cashier with Family Dollar can be a real growth opportunity for those who have the drive.

As they have over 6,000 stores in the US that all carry a large and ever rotating inventory Family Dollar maintains a number of its own distribution centers. Over 4,000 people are employed in these centers as well as drivers, packers and in administrative capacities.

Employee Benefits 

All full time Family Dollar employees are offered medical and dental insurance ans a 401K plan. They also receive a Flexible Health Spending Account which helps cover things like co-pays. Family Dollar also provides “Worklife” benefits that include access the counselling and resources to assist with all kinds of problems related to work and non work issues.

Completing the Online Family Dollar Application

If you are interested in a position with Family Dollar filling out the online Family Dollat application properly is very important. This is not a complicated form but it does ask for quite a lot of information and it is important that all of that information be correct. Therefore when you are ready to complete it you should do so in a quiet, distraction fee place where you can concentrate properly on the task at hand.

Family Dollar is one of an increasing number of employers that do require a background check. They will not run it before you are offered a position but when they do all the information that you put on your application is used to complete it so it is especially important that everything you put on it is honest and accurate.

When giving people as references on your Family Dollar application always make sure you contact them beforehand to make sure that they are willing to do this and that they will not be surprised if they receive a call from a Family Dollar hiring manager!

Fast Facts About Family Dollar

  • 90% of the products sold in Family Dollar stores across the country cost less than $10.
  • Leon Levine, the man who founded Family Dollar was only 21 years old when he opened his first store in Charlotte, North Carolina in 1959.
  • Although now a publicly traded Fortune 500 company Family Dollar is still essentially a family business. When Leon Levine stepped down as CEO in 2003 he handed the reins to his son Howard.
  • Family Dollar’s target demographic (according to company literature) are women in their forties who make under $40,000 a year.
  • Family Dollar is known for the extent of its charitable giving. These programs are usually locally based and differ from store to store with each community’s needs being taken into account separately.