Where to Find Financial Help

Contrary to what many people think you do not have to be a recent high school graduate to apply for Federal financial aid. As long as you intend to attend an accredited school or university and meet the financial guidelines, most people can get some help from the government in the form of a Federally subsidized student loan and even perhaps a Federal grant (grant money does not need to be repaid) regardless of your credit history.

Federal student loans rarely cover the whole cost of your education, but there are other ways to help finance further education. Most states have their own student loan and grant program that you can look into. Some companies offer tuition reimbursement so inquiring about such programs where you work is always a good idea.

Scholarships are another funding option you should research. There are scholarships out there that are awarded for all kinds of reasons. Some are linked to one’s academic abilities, others to one’s ethnic background or where you live and some are based on hobbies, essay writing or other creative endeavors. Take the time to do some in depth Internet research and often you can find at least one or two scholarships for which you are eligible.
Here you can check the RMHC / HACER Scholarships program