Food Lion Application

Printable Food Lion Application


Food Lion is a grocery supermarket chain that operates in eleven Southeastern and Mid Atlantic states in the US. The store focuses on fresh healthy foods offered at competitive prices as well as on great customer service. From its humble beginnings in North Carolina Food Lion has grown to become one of the largest supermarket chains in the US with more than 1,300 supermarkets, some operating under the Food Lion name and some under the names of Food Lion, Bloom, Bottom Dollar, Harveys and Reid’s. The company now employs over 73,000 people and offers career opportunities to people of all ages.

What Jobs are on Offer with Food Lion?  

In order to apply for an entry level store associate position you must be over the age of 16 and able to legally work in the US. As the customer base for Food Lion is a very diverse one so is its staff. all staff are expected to be courteous and helpful at all times and for those willing to learn and put in extra effort the promotion prospects to management levels are very good, wither at the store they currently work in, another store or in the field.

Food Lion also operates their own distribution centers in seven locations in the US and there are a number of different career opportunities available there for everything from pick and pack workers to drivers. The corporate offices in also offer a number of career paths.

Food Lion Employee Benefits

Food Lion has a great reputation for offering all of its staff and excellent benefits package, one that is considered to be one of the best offered by any supermarket employer. These benefits include:

  • Medical and dental coverage
  • Paid vacation
  • Paid sick days
  • A paid day off on your birthday!
  • An annual bonus and potentially a wellness bonus for those who have not had too many sick days.
  • A 401K plan
  • Life insurance
  • Access to a Food Lion credit union
  • Tuition assistance and scholarships

Completing the Online Food Lion Application  

Whatever position you are interested in the first step to employment with Food Lion is completing an online Food Lion application. The application  calls for quite a lot of information to be input so you should set aside plenty of “quiet time” to complete it. It is not a difficult application to complete at all it is simply that it is very important that all of the information you submit is 100% correct as errors could lead to your application processing being delayed or not even being processed at all.

The online Food Lion application does call for the names of references to be given. before you give a person’s name as reference try to talk to them to make sure that they know you will be doing this and that way they are expecting a call from a Food Lion manager.

Before you submit you Food Lion application double check it for omissions and errors. It might even help to have someone else look it over as well since sometimes a fresh pair of eyes will catch a small mistake that you have overlooked.

Fast Facts About Food Lion 

  • Food Lion was founded in 1957 in Salisbury, North Carolina as Food Town by Wilson Smith,and Ralph and Brown Ketner.It was not until the chain was sold to a Belgian corporation in 1983 that the name was changed to Food Lion. The name change was a bit puzzling to US consumers but it made sense to the company that was taking over. Called Delhaize these days the company began as Delhaize De Lion so the name was a homage to their history.
  • Food Lion has received a number of LEEDS certifications and recognitions for the new stores it builds as they are being built to very high green and eco friendly standards.
  • Food Lion also implements a very strict animal welfare policy that ensures that all animals killed for foods sold in the stores are treated in a humane way and that a high standard of hygiene and safety is maintained by all Food Lion suppliers. they also have an extensive sustainable seafood program
  • Food Lion got into a controversial battle with ABC in the 1990s. A Primetime Live special seemed to document a number of health code violations. The company then sued ABC for fraud. During the court case that followed hours of unused footage was revealed that showed ABC producers encouraging workers to commit these violations with many of them resisting. Food Lion were awarded extensive damages by a jury as a result of the airing of the footage.