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Gamestop is a worldwide franchise that has become the leader in console gaming hardware and software. There are over 7,000 stores located (under various names) in the US, UK, Europe, Australia and all over Asia. For a hard core gamer over the age of 16 a job at Gamestop can be a dream come true, and that dream begins when they complete the online Gamestop application.

Working at Gamestop
The biggest requirement for store employees at Gamestop is quite simple that they love gaming. Many of the customers that visit the retail stores are hard core gamers themselves but just as many others go to the store looking for advice about which game they should choose next and the company expects that all of their staff have the knowledge to help them.

There are several different basic career opportunities that exist within the average Gamestop retail store these include:

Game Advisors – Those who work ‘front of house’ at Best Buy are not refered to as clerks they are known as game advisors because that is really considered to be one of the most important parts of their job.

You cannot really take a course in ‘gaming’ to get you up to date on all of the latest and greatest games for all of the various systems as well as all of the hardware that goes along with them. You just simply have to be a gamer. Keen gamers tend to know just as much about the console and PC gaming world as a stock broker does about the Stock Market. These are the kinds of people that Gamestop look for to work on their sales crews.

Gamestop Management – Most people begin as junior game advisors and then have the chance to work their way up to store management positions. Gamestop will employ part time game advisors who are 16 years of age but you have to be over 18 to be considered for management.

Store Maintenance and Loss Prevention Crew – As console video games are far from inexpensive – they average $60 or more a great deal of the time – the Loss Prevention staff at any Gamestop are key members of the team. The same is true of the Store Maintenance team who put together all those great game displays that are so enticing when you visit any Gamestop store!

Other Gamestop Career Opportunites  – Gamestop has its worldwide headquarters in Grapevine,Texas. There they employ all kinds of people in corporate roles as well as in warehouses across the country to pick and pack the stock. There are also call center positions available to help customers who place orders at the company’s popular online stores.


Full time Gamestop employees do have access to PPO healthcare plans and vision and dental insurance. They are also entitled to paid holidays, sick days and vacation days and have access to a 401K plan as plan. One of the other big benefits that the gamers who work at Gamestop enjoy is a generous discount on store merchandise! 

Completing the Online Gamestop Application

If you are interested in working at your local Gamestop you can complete the online Gamestop application or print it out to complete and take into the store in person.

Download and Print Gamestop Application (PDF)

The application is a fairly straightforward one. You need to complete your name, address and the usual basic details – education level, former employers, references that you can offer. When you are completing the application online you need to do so carefully as even a little typo can make it difficult for a hiring manager to consider your application properly.

As previously mentioned your gaming experience is important and there is a section on the application that offers you the chance to explain just how knowledgeable you are about gaming software and hardware. Think carefully about what you are going to add here and detail what your experience is without exaggerating too much as of course if you do secure a position then that knowledge is probably going to be put to the test every day!

Things You May Not Know about Gamestop  

  • Gamestop is the result of the mergers of several small gaming retailers. The first was between a small Texas based retailer Babbages including Funcoland and later Electronics Boutique.
  • The Gamestop Corporation owns and operates the Kongregate online games hosting site. This is a platform that allows game developers to create games for the world at large to try out. All of the games are offered to the public free of charge but developers can win cash prizes for their games and a number of people have found that a popular game on Kongregate has translated into income and job opportunities in the development community.
  • Gamestop build a huge amount of brand loyalty thanks to their ability to negotiate with game development companies so that they can offer in game features that are exclusive to a copy of the game purchased through Gamestop. They can usually do this for all the ‘big titles’ and the extras often become collectors items on their own these days!
  • Although console gaming is a huge part of the Gamestop instore business model they also sell used games and hardware, offer a monthly magazine called Game Informer that is respected in the gaming industry at large and all kinds of extras and accessories for gamers to make use of. Some stores – mainly those that used to be Electronics Boutiques – also offer a small line of educational software and hardware for young children.