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Despite the rather preppy image it has now, The Gap actually began life as something of a ‘hippie store’. Donald and Doris Fisher opened the first Gap store on Ocean Avenue in San Francisco on August 21, 1969 and for only one main reason, that Donald was tired of never being able to find a pair of jeans that fit his tall frame.

Over the next several decades the Fishers built that one tiny store, that mainly sold obscure LPs and Levis jeans, into a multi-billion dollar empire that also includes the sub brands Old Navy, Banana Republic, Piper Lime and Athleta Athletics.

Don and Doris are usually credited as the pioneers of the specialty retail in the US, and Don was a part of the company until his death in 2009. Doris remains a board member and still speaks at company conventions.

The Gap now has 3,076 stores worldwide, of which 2,551 are located in the U.S, not counting the Old Navy and Banana Republic stores of which there are hundreds more.

Who Can Work at the Gap         

With so many stores located all over the country – and all over the world – most of the positions available for entry level staff are to be found within the retail store environment, but there are also opportunities for young designers in many of the large corporate locations as well.

Almost all store management positions are filled from within. Even the Fishers three sons – all of whom later became board members – had to begin their careers as store clerks and almost all Gap store managers begin as on the floor clerks.

Completing the Gap Online Application the Right Way 

You can complete the online Gap application through the company’s careers website or download the Gap application and submit it to the nearest store.

Download and Print Online Gap Application (PDF)

When you navigate to the careers section of the Gap website you will find a listing of all the available positions open at any given time in all of the Gap locations all over the country, as well as at Old Navy, Banana Republic and Piper Lime. You can search for open positions by keyword or location and then apply directly from the site once you have found an opening that suits you.

How complicated the application is to complete will depend very much upon the type of position you are applying for. Whatever it is though, make sure you complete all of the sections and that you double check every entry before hitting that submit button.

For some positions educational qualifications are important, and those credentials are checked, so if you are filling out that information do not be tempted to embellish!

The Benefits of Working at Gap

Full time Gap employees are entitled to a comprehensive benefits package such as: medical dental and vision coverege, Life and disability insurance, 401(k) plan, Tuition Reimbursement and Career Development, On-site health and wellness clinics, free Weight Watchers memberships and discounts to local gyms.
To read more about the Gap benefits click here 

Interesting Gap Facts That You May Like to Know

  • The average price of a pair of jeans sold in the first Gap store was $7.
  • The first Gap store located outside the United States opened in the UK in 1987.
  • Unfortunately, the death of co-founder Don Fisher in 2009 coincided with the 40th anniversary of The Gap . Rather than holing somber memorials though, Doris Fisher asked that the celebrations remain upbeat and positive because that is the way her husband would have insisted it be.
  • Legendary New York Times fashion editor Carrie Donovan, who by then had retired, was asked to be the “Old Navy Lady” in 1997 after joking in one of her columns that she’d be great for TV spots for the brand. She was right though wasn’t she?
  • Originally, Piper Lime and Athleta were going to be online only brands, but several retail locations for both brands have recently opened and more are planned.