Hollister Application

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Hollister – which is also known as HCo – is a ‘lifestyle division’ of  Abercrombie & Fitch Co. Founded in 2000, it was initially aimed at appealing to a young teen market – those aged 13 to 18 – with clothing that was ‘inspired’ by the Southern California surfing scene.

Twelve years later and the company is very much still a very young person’s brand, with their fastest growing customer demographic being the tween market – kids aged 11-13, although an increasing number of people in their twenties are  being lured to the store as well.

The Hollister branding is very distinctive. Boys are referred to as ‘dudes’ and girls as ‘Bettys’, in stores, online and in all of their ad campaigns. All Hollister stores have the same decor, wherever they are located as well; shuttered windows, and light and dark brown patterned walls with a teal ‘boardwalk’ at the front of the store.

Because the market that Hollister aims for is one that is younger than that of Abercrombie & Fitch, the price point for the clothing is lower, although it is still higher on average than its closest competitor, Old Navy.

Who Can Work at Hollister 

Just like their target market, the staff who work in the average Hollister store at entry level are usually very young. Anyone over the age of 17 can apply to work in a store and many staff are high school students who work part time. These employees are called the ‘Part-Time Impact’ team and are mainly responsible for restocking, store displays and basic on the floor customer assistance.

Full time staff has a chance, after several months of employment, to join the Manager in Training program, which is a ten week paid course that qualifies a candidate for an Assistant Manager position.

Hollister are also somewhat unique in the fact that they operate an ongoing model search, both among their current staff and through direct applications to their Careers website.  Designated Models work in stores and ‘represent the brand’. Most Models work two to three schedule shifts a week and also have to spend one day a week ‘on call’ (the same system also exists at Abercrombie & Fitch as well).

Completing the Online Hollister Application the Right Way 

The best place to begin looking for a job with Hollister is at their official website. In store team openings can be searched for by zip code or model applications can be made directly through the website.

The basic store staff application is fairly straightforward, but it should be completed slowly and carefully, to avoid making little mistakes that may delay your Hollister application. In the case of the model applications
submission requirements are more complicated and vary from store to store, with many preferring and in person application. Instructions for each opening are posted online at the corporate website though.

Interesting Facts about Hollister You Might Want To Know 

  • As a part of the initial marketing campaign at Hollister’s launch, Abercrombie & Fitch constructed an imaginary history for the new company. In this fantasy ‘backstory’ a man named John Hollister, Sr. emigrated from New York City to the Dutch East Indies, and then established a company that bore his name when returning to California in 1922. Some people have yet to realize that this story is a fiction!
  • The term for girls that Hollister use – Bettys – is real surfing slang for women. (usually pretty women)
  • Hollister has a policy that an eclectic selection of rock and pop music is to be played in store at all times at a rather loud volume. Company policy says that it should be kept at the 80–85 decibel level. This has led to OSHA based lawsuits when the levels were actually found to be over 90 decibels, a level which OSHA holds to be harmful to health.