Home Depot Application

Printable Home Depot Application


If you are interested in working in a challenging retail environment there are a lot of different career opportunities offered at Home Depot stores across the US, in Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico and even China! Home Depot is the biggest home improvement retailer and is in fact the fourth largest big box retailer overall with over 2.200 stores dotted all over the fifty states. The first step to working in one of these stores though is completing the online Home Depot application.

** Home Depot does not provide a printable home depot application form. In order to apply for a job at Home Depot you need to enter the Home Depot career website.

Who can Work at Home Depot?

There are a lot of different career opportunities available with Home Depot and not just in their retail stores either. here is some information about some of those opportunities:

Merchandising Execution Team Members
The employees who work “the floor” in a Home Depot store are called METMs – merchandising execution team members. its a big title but it is also quite a big job.

An MEA is responsible for a certain area of the store – say for example the paint department – and it is their job to keep everything neat and organized while helping  customers find what they are looking for. They also help plan the in store displays for their department so they get to do a little bit of marketing as well! There are both full time and part time positions available for MEAs in stores all over the country and the “perks” of the job include paid vacation time, medical and dental coverage, tuition assistance and a 401K plan. There is also a real opportunity available for those seeking promotion to a managerial level as it is the company’s policy to promote from within whenever possible.

Freight Team and Cashiers
Home Depot cashiers receive a competitive salary and similar benefits to those mentioned above. Freight team members usually work at nights, after the stores have closed for the day as it is their job to stock, restock and organize the store inventory.

Home Depot Deliveries and Installation Personnel
Skilled drivers and tradesmen can also find career opportunities at Home Depot. Home Depot offers delivery and installation on many of the appliances they sell as well as things like flooring installation, plumbing and even remodeling services. All of these employees receive a good salary and a generous benefits package.

Call Center Employees
Home Depot maintains large call centers to offer 24-7 support of all kinds to their customers both over the phone and over the Internet via Live Chat. There are all kinds of opportunities for customer service oriented employees in these call centers and a lot of different shifts available for those looking for extra flexibility.

Completing the Online Home Depot Application the Right Way  

If you have found a job opportunity that interests you completing the online Home Depot application the right way is very important. It is not a very difficult application to complete, the instructions are very clear, but you do need to concentrate and make sure that you complete everything you are asked to and that all the information you provide is correct.

A common mistake that people make when completing the online Home Depot application is failing to double check that they have entered very basic information correctly. Something as simple as a transposed digit in your phone number can prevent your application from being processed properly so it is very important that you check all of your entries before you hit submit.

Fast Facts About Home Depot  

  • One of the Home Depot’s original founders, Arthur Blank, owns the National Football League team the Atlanta Falcons. He founded Home Depot in Atlanta, Georgia in 1978 with partners Bernie Marcus, Ron Brill and Pat Farrah.
  • All of the founding partners are well known for their philanthropy. Blank suffered from a stutter as a youngster and has made working with the American Institute for Stuttering while Marcus provided most of the funding for the spectacular Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta that opened in 2005. He also campaigns for and donates to causes related to injured servicemen and women.
  • As a company, Home Depot has caused controversy with its open support of the right to gay marriage. This may surprise some as the company also contributes heavily to Republican politicians campaigns.
  • The company is also a big sports sponsor. They are the primary sponsor of the Home Depot center in Carson, CA where the MLS teams the LA Galaxy and the Chivas USA soccer teams play and also heavily sponsor teams in the Olympics and in NASCAR.