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KFC aka Kentucky Fried Chicken – is the world’s second largest fast food chain, only McDonalds is bigger. In 2013 there are over 18,000 outlets in 120 different countries, with the KFC brand of fried chicken shaping the world’s perception of what is iconic American food.

Kentucky Fried Chicken began as a single restaurant in Corbin, Kentucky owned and operated by one Harland Sanders. That first restaurant, opened in 1930, was attached to a Shell gas station and there Sanders cooked up the food he was most familiar with; fried chicken, steaks and country ham. He had been cooking since he was seven years old, as his widowed mother worked full time to support her family, leaving Harland to care for himself and his siblings a great deal.

By 1955, and with restaurants open all over Kentucky, Saunders took ‘his show on the road’ to begin talking with people all over the US about Kentucky Fried Chicken franchise opportunities. By 1960 there were already 200 franchises up and down the country.

Saunders sold the company in 1966, but remained an involved participant, especially in the marketing side of things, until his death in 1980. Even at the age of 90 and suffering from leukemia, Harlan continue to travel between 200,000 and 250,000 miles a year to promote a business that he still considered to be his family legacy.

These days KFC is headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky with another large corporate presence in Wilmington, Delaware. KFC is now a subsidiary of YUM! Brands, which also manages Pizza Hut and Taco Bell, although all three concerns operate completely independent of one another.

Who Can Get a Job at KFC 

With thousands of restaurants and huge distribution centers all over the US the job opportunities with KFC and KFC franchises are very, very extensive. Col. Sanders was very much an employee friendly employer, especially to those with fewer advantages, based on his own experiences as a young person and the company likes to try to continue that tradition.

Depending upon the state a KFC restaurant is based in, the minimum age for employment will either be 16 or 18. All employees go through in store and online training that is quite extensive and a GED or HS diploma is not a prerequisite at most sites, just a willingness to work and learn.

Much of the promotion to restaurant management comes from within, as does elevation to higher kitchen statuses. Every KFC has a head cook supervising the line staff and usually that person will have begun as a crew member as well. Many of the upper management within the organization even today are former crew members.

There are also a wide variety of blue collar jobs available in KFC’s many distribution centers, as well as positions for delivery and freight drivers.

Completing the KFC Online Application the Right Way 

Every KFC restaurant does operate as an independent franchise, so the application process may vary quite a lot from restaurant to restaurant. There is however a central website, maintained by KFC, that lists all of the known job opportunities across the country in an easily searchable database. Once you have found the right position, the instructions for applying will be clearly stated.

Whether you are directed to apply online or to complete a written KFC application, accuracy is a must when filling it out, as is honesty. References are checked, so make sure all of that information, especially contact phone numbers, are correct and that the person you are offering up as a reference is aware of that fact so that they will not be caught off guard by a call from a KFC hiring manager.

Interesting Facts about KFC You Might Want To Know 

  • Although it is a title he used for many, many years, Harland Sanders was not, as many mistakenly believe, a military Colonel. It was a real title however; one that was bestowed upon him by Kentucky Governor Ruby Laffon in 1936 to recognizes his Harlans service to the Blue Grass State.
  • One of the first Kentucky Fried Chicken franchisees was one Dave Thomas, the man who went on to found the Wendy’s Hamburger Chain.  The rotating bucket sign that came to be used at many KFC locations was his idea, and he was one of the first franchisees to seriously market takeout meals as an option for customers. Thomas became fast friends with ‘The Colonel’ and eventually worked as the regional manager for all KFC restaurants east of the Mississippi.
  • In 1968 Thomas  left the company, with Harland’s blessing, and used the $1 million he received for selling his shares in Kentucky Fried Chicken to start Wendy’s, a chain that follows the same ‘cooked to order’ principle that Harland Sanders always insisted upon.
  • Colonel Sanders ‘secret recipe’ has become the stuff of legend. The recipe for the eleven ingredient secret (which is also feature in the chain’s gravy) is still locked away in a safe in Kentucky with only a select few, who are all under major legal constraints never to spill the beans, have access to.
  • There was some excitement though, when in 2012, a visiting manager from a Filipino KFC franchise unearthed an original recipe book, authored by Sanders in his own hand, in a stack of old restaurant records house at the corporate headquarters in Louisville.
  • As they made no mention of the secret recipe, but did offer a number of The Colonel’s most treasured recipes for dishes ranging from pancakes to pies, the files were digitized and offered to the public as a free download.
  • There have been many guesses as to what those famous eleven ingredients might be, including one that went viral in 2012 posted on a site called The Internet Today. It was disproved quickly however when it was pointed out that when a ten year old Harland came up with recipe, the listed ‘Accent’ brand seasoning had yet to be invented, and that a ‘dirt poor’ family (Saunders’s own description) would ever be able to afford the expensive fresh herbs listed that are not native to Kentucky would be highly unlikely.
  • KFC is the symbol of Western food in China and sales way outstrip those of McDonalds. According to KFC their success in Asia overall is own to the fact that they offer both the original US dishes and localized side dishes like rice congee, egg custard tarts and tree fungus salad.