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There are a great many career opportunities available with Kmart and with its holdings, including Sears and Lands End. The first step in taking advantage of any of these opportunities though is completing the online Kmart application

Most people are familiar with Kmart and the big K logo but the stores have certainly undergone big changes over the last decade or so. When the first Kmart store opened in 1962 the idea was to build a chain of discount retail stores that would provide competition for the well known “5 and dime” chains of the time like McCrory’s and Silvers.

In the decades that followed Kmart underwent all kinds of changes. These days the chain (which is officially known as the Sears Holding Corporation having bought out the legendary Sears Roebuck in 2005) offers all kinds or merchandise including exclusive collections of goods from the likes of Martha Stewart and Kathy Ireland and in the case of “Big K” stores also carry a full line of groceries that rival the inventory of any supermarket.

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Who Can Get a Job at Kmart?

Kmart offers many different job opportunities that are suited to everyone from entry level student employees to experienced professionals with advanced degrees:

Entry Level Jobs at Kmart
In addition to basic cashier and stocking positions out on the “main floor” in Kmart stores entry level staff are also hired to work in other areas of the store including its pharmacy, auto and food service sectors. Most entry level positions  start at around minimum wage level in terms of salary but the potential for growth and promotion is excellent. A great many Kmart managers are promoted from within.

Those interested in a more hands on and specialized career may want to consider applying for an entry level job on the technical side of things as a repair person trainee for either Kmart or Sears.
There are also jobs available in the number of large distribution centers that the company maintains.

Professional Jobs at Kmart
As varied as its offerings have become there are a great many opportunities for those with a degree and other professional experience at Kmart and its other stores. Trained pharmacists, optometrists, appliance repair specialists, automotive technicians and experienced managers may all be able to build a great career with Kmart.

Completing the Online Kmart Application The Right Way

Once you have found a position available with Kmart or one of its holdings the first step to securing the job is completing the online Kmart application the right way. The application may run for several pages depending upon what kind of position you are applying for so you should allow yourself plenty of time to complete it (free from distractions as well!)

You will have to provide quite a lot of information as you complete the online Kmart application. You should have all of the essentials at hand before you begin including things like the numbers for previous employers and for references that you may be giving in support of your application.

Before you submit information double and perhaps even triple check it for mistakes. Even something as small as a wrong digit in a phone number can delay the processing of your application so taking the extra time really is worth it. You should also inform your references ahead of time that you will be using their name on your online Kmart application so that they are not too surprised if they receive a phone call from a Kmart hiring manager.

Kmart Facts You Might Want to Know

  • The predecessor of the Kmart store was called S.S Kresge and operated as a five and dime store. The first of these stores opened in Detroit, MI in 1907.
  • The famous Kmart Blue Light specials have been around since the days of S.S. Kresge stores as well. Although the concept was retired in the 1990s it was reintroduced a few years ago and has no once again become one of the reasons many people shop at Kmart.
  • Another program retired in the 1990s, the Kmart layaway program, has also made a big comeback over the last few years. In 2010 the company extended the layaway period to 12 weeks, the longest offered by any major retailer to help more cash strapped customers afford the holiday items they wanted.
  • In the 1960s several of the original Kmart locations were home to a “Kmart Chef” restaurant. These restaurants offered what founder Sebastian Kresge called a “limited, high-turnover menu” based on the McDonald’s type fast food model. These were phased out in the 1970s though to make way for todays “K-Cafe” which offers a wider range of both breakfast and lunch items. Most Super Kmart stores are also home to a Little Ceasers pizza cafe as well.