Kohl’s Application

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In its fifty year history – the chain was founded in 1962 – Kohl’s has grown from being a small department store opened by Max Kohl in Brookfield, Wisconsin to a multi-billion dollar chain that has become one of America’s most popular mid-price department store chains.

The chain did not really begin to have an impact outside Wisconsin until the Nineties though, when the stores underwent something of a rebranding. In the past Kohl’s had been considered to be a bargain basement type store, but a new management team changed things up and although Kohl’s is still reasonably priced, it is no longer considered to be a ‘discount’ retailer.

Since 2007, the chain has focused on creating their own brands and celebrity endorsed lines of exclusive merchandise. The celebrity brands currently include a Rachel Ray line of cookware, a Tony Hawk branded line of young mens’ clothing, a home furnishings line, Casa Cristina, by Cristina Saralegui and the flagship Simply Vera line of Vera Wang designed ‘lifestyle wear’ Most of the lines are produced at the NY Design office that Kohls have been operating since 2007. The company’s corporate business offices are still housed in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin, though.

Who Can Work at Kohl’s 

In terms of store employment, Kohl’s has a lot to offer. Anyone over the age of 17 can apply to work in most stores, and as Kohl’s operate their own specialized learning program, called ‘mydevelopment’ that all employees work their way through, no prior retail experience is required.

As is the case for many large retail corporations these days Kohl’s does try, whenever possible, to source management staff – both corporate and in store – from the ranks of their existing employees. Candidates for promotion are normally ‘sourced’ thorough the online learning system, something that broadens the promotion prospects of staff, especially those who are willing to relocate.

Kohl’s also maintains distribution centers in ten different states that offer a wide range of employment opportunities and talented design students can be considered for internships and entry level positions at the company’s New York based design studios.

Completing The Kohl’s Online Application the Right Way 

The main Kohl’s corporate website lists all of the positions available within the chain as a whole in a single Careers interface. This database is searchable either by zip code or type of position desired and you can apply directly online for most of the openings.

How long it will take to complete the online Kohl’s application will depend very much upon what type of position you are applying for. If, for example, you wanted to work in design offices, there are portfolio submission requirements to be met and for many of the driving and distribution jobs proof of licensing and experience is required.

Whatever position you are applying for, take the time to fill out the Kohl’s application slowly and carefully, double checking the information you enter every time. It would be a great shame if you missed out on a job opportunity you were truly qualified for just because you transposed two digits in a phone number!

Interesting Facts about Kohl’s that You Might Want To Know 

  • Max Kohl began his retail career as a green grocer, and his first store was a small supermarket which he opened in 1946. By the time he founded Kohl’s Department store in 1962, the Kohl’s Food Stores chain operated in more than 50 locations.
  • Max Kohl’s son, Herb, acted as president of the company in the 1970s. He then went on to become a State Senator from 1989 until his retirement in 2013. He also owns the Milwaukee Bucks NBA basketball team, a franchise he purchased solely to stop the former owner from relocating the team away from Wisconsin.
  • Kohl’s was one of the first major retail chains to offer online shopping, creating their first retail website in 1998, at a time when most stores did not have a website of any kind.
  • Kohl’s has an excellent environmental record that has earned them many international awards. They operate 100 completely solar powered stores and recycle more than 80% of the waste produced corporation wide.