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The Kroger Company – better known as just plain old Kroger – is the fourth largest general goods store chain in the world, and the second largest in the United States. Founded in Cincinnati, Ohio, by  Bernard Kroger, and these days the company and its subsidiaries operate 3,574 stores worldwide.

These stores include supermarkets, hypermarkets, department stores , gas stations and more. Through its various affiliated companies Kroger ha a presence in all 50 states, although their own branded grocery stores are only to be found in the Western and Southern states.

Who Can Get a Job at Kroger

The number of different career opportunities with the Kroger Co brand are, as you might imagine, some of the most varied in that nation. In addition to all of the various stores they operate or oversee, Kroger also operates dozens of ice cream plants, farms and bakeries all over the country, as well as numerous distribution centers. There are positions that become available for everything from entry level retail clerks and store management trainees to agricultural experts, pharmacists (most Kroger branded stores operate an in house pharmacy)

To locate job opportunities at any of the facilities that operate under the Kroger corporate umbrella, you can go to the  Kroger career website and perform a job search by zip code. Any and all opportunities within the mile radius you specify will then be displayed and you can narrow your search, and then find out how to apply – online or off – for the specific position you are interested in.

It should be noted that approximately 80% of the positions offered at any Kroger company are union positions, and that in most instances new hires will need to be willing to join that union.

Completing the Online Kroger Application The Right Way  

Many of the positions that you will find available can be applied online from the main corporate website, regardless of the specific subsidiary company you are applying to. Some of the smaller, rural locations will not offer that convenience though, and you may have to visit the location to pick up a physical application.

If you are going to complete the Kroger online application, the process can take anywhere from 10 to 50 minutes, so you should make sure that you begin the application at a time when you will not be rushed and are also unlikely to be interrupted.

Accuracy is very important as well. Ensure you that you double – and maybe even triple – check the information you enter before submitting the application. Even the smallest error, a transposed digit in a phone number for example, could seriously delay the processing of an application.

Interesting Fast Facts about Kroger You Might Want to Know 

  • Kroger’s founder, Barney Kroger, founded the company with just $372 in 1883, leasing a storefront on Pearl Street in Cincinnati.
  • Barney Kroger was also an innovator. At a time when every other grocery store was still buying their baked goods from a large central supplier, he deduced that if he built his own onsite bakery he could significantly increase his profit margin and provide a fresher product for his customers. On another occasion, Kroger made a mistake and ordered too much cabbage. He took it home to his mother, who used it to make a sauerkraut and the concept of the onsite deli was born!
  • Kroger holds the distinction of having been ‘first’ in a number of other areas of operation as well. they were the first store chain to offer a parking lot that extended on all four sides of the store. They were also the first chain to make use of electronic checkouts and scanning technology.
  • The company is one of the most philanthropic in the world, donating more that $220 million annually to various charities.
  • Kroger has a large commitment to becoming a more eco friendly retailer. In just 12 years, between 2000 and 2012, by making use of  number of different techniques the company has reduced its overall energy consumption by over 35%.
  • To promote healthy eating habits for kids, Kroger partnered with the Walt Disney Company to produce a line of kid friendly, low fat, low sugar dairy products and soft drinks featuring popular Disney characters. The line has also since been extended to pet foods as well.
  • Kroger operate a “Little Clinic” facility at many of their larger stores which offers routine health checkups, preventative care and minor emergency treatment to customers at discount rates.