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Lord and Taylor is the oldest department store still operating continuously in the United States. Founded in by an English immigrant, Samuel Lord in 1826 the original store, located on Catherine Street in Manhattan sold hosiery, misses’ clothing and what were termed ‘the finest cashmere shawls’. The store did well enough that it was moved to Broadway and 20th Street in 1870. It made its final move, to its location of Fifth Avenue where the flagship store still operates today in 1914 and was by that time already a legend among the many retailers in New York City and certainly one of the best known, and respected, of the department stores.

Over the years Lord and Taylor grew and expanded and now operates fifty stores nationwide and offers far more than it did back when it was founded, although the commitment to fine things remains as it is still considered one of the most upmarket of the department store chains.

Who Can Work at Lord and Taylor? 

As Lord and Taylor stores are large department stores with literally dozens of different departments, the range of job opportunities available, even to an entry level worker, is rather large to say the least. From counter assistants to display assistants, stock takers to personal shoppers there is something to suit almost everyone. Many positions do require specialist training but that is offered to the right candidates and those with drive, aptitude and the willingness to work hard can go far!

Lord and Taylor prides itself on the tradition of its founders; that everyone is a respected member of the team and that hard work is rewarded. So in addition to a benefits package that includes health and dental insurance, a 401K and paid vacation and sick days the company also offers incentive and attendance benefits to those deemed to have earned them.

Completing the Online Lord and Taylor Application The Right Way

As it is such a well-known and highly respected store competition for positions at lord and Taylor can be pretty fierce, especially at the flagship Fifth Avenue store. To find out what posts and jobs may be available to you head to the careers section of the company’s website. There you will find a searchable list of all the positions currently available nationwide. Should you find one that interests you can then begin an online Lord and Taylor application.

Before you begin, you will be asked to create a user account. Make sure that you supply an email address that you check frequently and never use a personal email that is not professional sounding. Hotrod75@x.com may make your friends laugh but it will immediately put recruiters off!

When completing the Lord and Taylor application allow yourself plenty of time and doublecheck everything for accuracy, as just one little mistake can be the difference between getting a call from a recruiter and your application being pretty much ignored. Given that there is a great deal of demand for many of the jobs you should also make sure you include all of your education, work experience, skills, and even hobbies – anything that might give you an edge.

Interesting Facts about Lord and Taylor

Speaking of things that might give you an edge most interviewers are impressed with candidates who can demonstrate in an interview that they have taken the time to learn a little about the company. With this in mind here are some interesting snippets of information to start you off:

  • The flagship Lord and Taylor Fifth Avenue store was designed by the famed architectural firm Starrett & van Vleck, who also designed the New York Stock Exchange. In December 2007, almost 100 years since it first opened its doors the Lord and Taylor store was officially deemed a New York City landmark.
  • Lord and Taylor pioneered the tradition of the department store Christmas window display. The first one was created in 1907 and the spectacle seems to get grander every year, drawing visitors, including the media, from around the world.
  • Lord and Taylor were the first American retail corporation to hire a woman to be president. Dorothy Shaver was given the position in 1936 and she is credited with a number of innovations, including the idea of opening a branch store and the implementation of the Red Rose Personal Shopping service that is still active today.
  • Under Shaver’s guidance the first Lord and Taylor ‘branch’ store opened in Manhassett, Long Island in 1941 and it is considered to have been the very first ‘branch store’ opened in the US.
  • The story of how Dorothy Shaver rose to such power is a very interesting one. Her sister, Elsie, sold the Board of Directors on a set of dolls she had created, called the ‘Five Little Shavers’. She lacked any marketing experience though so she enlisted Dorothy’s help. Impressed with her abilities the President of the company Samuel Reyburn hired her as a full time employee to head up the new Comparative Shopping Bureau, from where she began to devise not only her personal shopper plan but a new blueprint for the company altogether.
  • A tradition that was put in place when the first Lord and Taylor opened continues to today; every day before a store opens the National Anthem is played.