Lowes Application

Printable Lowes Application

Although it is now the second largest home improvement store chain in the US Lowe’s began as a family business in North Carolina way back in the 1920s but did not officially become Lowes until the 1940s. These days the store has hundreds of branches all over the US and has recently even begun opening outlets abroad – primarily in Australia.

Lowes offers a number of different career opportunities, both in their stores and in their distribution centers. if you happen to live in North Carolina there are also opportunities to join their corporate staff at the company’s headquarters in Mooresville, NC.

Whatever job opportunity with Lowes interest you though everyone has to begin in the same place – completing the online Lowes application.

** Lowes does not provide a printable Lowes application form. In order to apply for a job at Lowes you need to enter the Lowes career website.

What Career Opportunities Do Lowes Offer? 

Lowes prides itself on the standard of the customer service provided in all their stores and there are entry level opportunities for those who are interested in joining the team of general floor staff. Staff at this level may be called upon to man the cash registers, restock the shelves in their department and assist customers in finding the goods that they need.

A full time general store staff employee who has been employed for over 89 days can expect to receive some excellent benefits, including medical and dental insurance coverage. They also receive paid vacation and sick days as well as a 401K plan and Lowes stock purchase options.

Specialist Sales Staff
There are 18 “product categories” carried in every Lowes store and each of these departments employs at least a few sales specialists – people who have extra knowledge about the usage of the product. Sales specialists are hired directly but the company also likes to promote from the ranks of the general store staff if a person has taken the time to learn more about a certain aspect of the store. Lowes also prefers to fill its store management positions from within as well.

Distribution Center Staff 
Lowes maintains a number of its own distribution centers located all over the country. In these centers there are opportunities for general pick and pack staff, distribution managers, quality control personnel and delivery drivers.

Corporate Staff
There are a great many different kinds of opportunities available at the corporate level with Lowes, from marketing and human resources to working within the corporations legal division. Their main headquarters is located in NC but there are also satellite offices elsewhere in the US and now in Canada that offer employment opportunities as well.

Completing the Online Lowes Application

The Lowes application to join the Lowes staff is not a complicated one to complete but it does ask for rather a lot of information so you should plan on completing it when you have plenty of time to do so and are fairly sure that you will not be disturbed. You should also make sure that you have the information you will need – including all relevant contact telephone numbers – at hand before you begin as well.

As you work your way through the application you should double check each entry as you make it and certainly do so again before you hit “submit”. Something as small as a wrong digit in a phone number can seriously delay the processing of your application so it is well worth taking the extra time to proof read what you have input.

If you will be giving people’s names and numbers for reference purposes always make sure that they are of that fact before you do so. That way they will be expecting a call and will be prepared to give you the recommendation you are looking for.

Fast Facts About Lowes You May Like to Know: 

  • The first “real” Lowes store was opened in 1943 in North Wilkesboro North Carolina by Jim Lowe and Carl Buchan – the second generation  of the family to operate the store which had opened in 1921 under a different name and was owned by Jim’s father Lucius, who did in 1940. At the time of Lucius’ death Jim and Carl , who was Jim’s brother in law, were away fighting the Second World war so the store was run by Ruth Buchan, Carl’s wife and Jim’s sister, until they both returned.
  • After several differences of opinion Jim Lowe sold his half of the hardware business to Carl in 1952. he then went on to found Lowes Foods, a grocery store chain that these days has 100 stores dotted across North and South Carolina.
  • Lowes is very proud of its environmental record. The company has won Energy Star awards every year since 2003 both for practices in its stores and to recognize the company’s efforts to educate the public in general about energy efficiency.
  • Lowes worked with local architects to devise affordable home building plans for the areas affected by Hurricane Katrina. The homes are designed to be economical to build but still exceed federal safety standards, especially those related to hurricanes.
  • The original Lowes founders were keen baseball fans. As there is no baseball team in North Carolina in 2006, looking to get into sports sponsorship the corporation decided to sponsor the New York Yankees instead, a move that some considered unusual for a company based in the South!