Macy’s Application

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Macy’s is more than a department store, its something of a cultural icon.  The chain’s founder, Rowland Hussey Macy, opened four retail dry goods stores, 1843 and 1855 , stores which included the very first Macy’s store in Haverhill, Massachusetts.

Macy began focusing his attentions on conquering New York City and opened a store on Sixth Avenue between 13th and 14th Streets, a location that was separated from the other big ‘dry goods’ stores in the area by several long blocks. Right away he began implementing some of the things that are considered iconic about Macy’s, including the famous Santa who still takes up residence in stores for the Christmas shipping season to this day.

Macy died prematurely however, of a liver infection in 1877. After some legal wrangling the  stores in New York and New Hampshire came under the ownership of brothers Isador and Nathan Strauss, who had formerly run the china department at the NYC store. They moved the store to  Herald Square at 34th Street and Broadway in 1902, where it remained for decades.

The spread of Macy’s as a chain outside the New York area did not actually begin until the early 1980s but now Macy’s has branches all over America, more than 800 of them, mainly located in higher end malls, often as the anchor store.

Who Can Work at Macy’s? 

As a huge and expansive department store with many different departments the instore employment opportunities at Macy’s are certainly very diverse. Some clerks are still employed on a sales commission basis, especially at the beauty counters, while others have been converted to more conventional hourly employees. As visual displays are very important each store has a department devoted to such things and entry level staff are hired for training there.  There are a myriad of support positions; maintenance, loss prevention, stocking and other similar functions.

Macy’s also now has a large online retail operation and maintains a number of call centers across the country.

Completing the Online Macy’s Application the Right Way 

Macy’s maintains a separate website, Macy’s Jobs, to serve as its talent management platform.

There you can find a database full of all of the current open positions that is most easily searched based on location initially.

In order to begin Macy’s application for any position you will have to create an account within the system. When doing so make sure you use a professional email address (not a silly sounding personal one which will create an immediate poor impression) that you check often.

As there are so many different positions, some sections of the application may vary from those completed by someone applying for a different position. You may also be asked to submit a resume and even portfolio examples if you are applying for a creative position.

Therefore you may need to read through the application and then take some time to gather together any additional information etc you might need to complete it accurately and completely.

Accuracy is very important (as is honesty of course. Much of the information you provide will be checked and verified) so make sure you double check everything – or maybe even triple check – before you hit that submit button.

Fast and Fun Facts about Macy’s 

It always tends to impress an interviewer if you can tell them a little bit about their company, as it shows that you really are interested in working for them and becoming part of the company. To help get you started here are just a few rather interesting facts about Macy’s that you may not know:

  • The Macy’s logo has been around, in one form or another, right from the start. The star it has always incorporated, in one form or another, comes from a tattoo that Rowland Hussey Macy got as a teenager while he was working as a deckhand on a Nantucket whaling ship.
  • The flagship Macy’s store on Herald Square in New York City is considered the third-most-visited site in the city, behind only the Empire State Building and the Statue of Liberty. It also has listed building status on the National Historic Landmark registry.
  • The Herald Square building is also considered to be something of an architectural masterpiece. It was designed De Lmos & Cordes, the in vogue architects of the time and hailed as such then and is still considered to be very distinctive.
  • Macy’s was the very first American retail store to install modern-day escalators, doing so in 1902 at the Herald Square store. Amazingly, they are still in place, and still functioning today.
  • The first liquor license issued after the end of Prohibition was issued to Macy’s.
  • Macy’s and its Thanksgiving Day Parade was famously the focus of the classic holiday movie Miracle on 34th Street, as it centered around the store’s Santa. Actor Harry Antrim appeared in the movie as R. H. Macy, a little bit of a stretch since the founder died in 1877!