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Although these days Marshalls is a part of the larger TJX Companies and a sister company to TJ Maxx and Home Goods its roots can actually be traced to 1956 in Massachusetts. Back then Alfred Marshall gathered a group of wealthy entrepreneurs on the East Coast who included Bernard Goldston and Norman Barren, Frank Estey and Bernard Ribas and started what he called ‘the brands for less’ concept in an old department store in Beverley, MA. Primarily the store sold clothing for men, women and children, but reserved basement space for home goods.

By 1970 Marshalls had become the biggest off-price retail chain in the US. The founders sold the company in to CVS in 1976 though to concentrate on other ‘angel investments’ and despite its continuing popularity and popularity CVS then sold the concern on to TJX Companies in 1995, but at a $400 million profit!

The concept behind Marshalls is similar to that of the younger TJ Maxx, but while the audience for that store is primarily younger people Marshalls is more of a family store. The company buys up ‘designer brand’ overstocks and then offers them at a significantly discounted price. One of the store’s stated aims is to offer an ‘adventure in shopping’ where a customer is unlikely to ever see the same inventory on back to back visits.

Who Can Work at Marshalls?

Store associate is the entry level position that most people who work for Marshalls start off in and this is usually a multitasking job that involves cashier work, store ‘arrangement’ stock taking and in person, on floor customer service.

As merchandise selection is very important in a retail environment like Marshalls the company run a specialized Corporate Merchandise Training Program that trains candidates in every aspect of the merchandising process and is considered to be one of the best retail training programs offered by a large corporation in the US. Current employees can apply, as can college graduates with fashion or retailing related degrees.

Store managers are usually sourced from within though, from among associates who show the right skills and aptitude to be advanced in this way.

In addition, Marshalls do operate over a dozen warehouse and distribution centers across the US and there are a number of both blue and white collar job opportunities available there too.

Completing the Online Marshalls Application The Right Way

Most people can complete Marshalls application online at the company website. If you live in Massachusetts or Pennsylvania however a different application has to be completed and then taken in person to the store you wish to work at.

In completing the Marshalls application – especially if it is a handwritten one – accuracy and honesty are of the utmost importance. A background check is performed on potential employees and if the information that the company conducting those checks comes up with does not match that given on the application it can delay employment or even lead to a job offer being withdrawn. A credit check may also be performed for higher level applicants hoping to directly enter the Merchandise Training Program or a store management position.

Interesting Fast Facts about Marshalls You Might Want to Know  

  • TJX – Marshalls parent company who oversee all hiring for Marshalls, TJ Maxx and HomeGoods – has scored a perfect 100 score on the Corporate Equality Index of the Human Rights Campaign in each of the last five years leading to 2013 for their commitment to equality and diversity in the workplace, especially for minorities and those with disabilities.
  • Unlike TJ Maxx, Marshalls have yet to make a move into the European market. They did however begin opening stores in Canada for the first time in 2011 and as of the beginning of 2013 there are 25 stores across the country.
  • It is a popular misconception that the goods sold at Marshalls are in some way ‘seconds’ or imperfect, but that is very rarely the case. The original brands for less concept as pioneered by Alfred Marshall and his colleague simply revolved around buying up good overstocks at every opportunity. The only downside of this for the consumer is that if you see something at Marshalls you like you really need to be it right then, as the chances that the same item will be available the next time you shop there are slim as the stock is limited and in a constant state of change.
  • Marshalls have long been known for their charitable efforts and that commitment to community did not fade with the TJX acquisition. Marshalls are long term supporters of Domestic Violence Prevention, The United Way, The National Youth Anti-Drug Campaign, The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation and Saint Jude’s Children’s Hospital as well as a number of local charities that each individual store supports.