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Old Navy has been around now since 1994 and the younger, cheaper sibling of The Gap has, in that time, become one of the most popular destinations for people of all ages looking for casual, but high quality, clothing and shoes.

Known for its diverse offerings, its fun stores and its reasonable prices Old Navy has also become known as a great place to work and as there are now over 1,000 locations across the country then the first step towards a career in retail fashion is to complete an online Old Navy application.

Download and Print Old Navy Application (PDF)

Who can get a job at Old Navy

Most Old Navy employees who want to work in a retail store begin their careers as Sales Associates. Sales Associates are expected to be flexible and customer oriented and to have a strong knowledge about the clothes sold in the stores so that they can assist customers in making purchasing decisions.

As a company that prefers to promote from within Old Navy offers plenty of training and education opportunities for those who wish to advance including an accelerated management training program that is designed for recent college graduates who have also been part time Old Navy employees that lets them experience working in several different aspects of management with the company. As it is a global company there are also opportunities for employees to go on a bit of an adventure and work in one of the other countries that Old Navy and The Gap serve.

The benefits package offered to all employees is one of the attractions for many people who choose to work at Old Navy. All full time employees become eligible for health insurance benefits after 90 days and all employees can take advantage of some other, rather innovative Old Navy health programs. These include the use of onsite gym facilities (or discounted gym access to a local gym for smaller store employees) free Weight Watchers classes and regular onsite  health and wellness presentations and clinics.

In addition to the health benefits Old Navy also offers its employees one of the most generous paid time off policies in the US among big corporations – 25-30 days to be used as the employee wishes and a Phase Out/Phase Back program for expectant and new parents (or new adoptive parents) that offers a staggered schedule during the transition and increased discounts on Baby Gap merchandise.

The Gap Corporation also has a rather unique program available to employees when it comes to giving back and fund-raising. The company will match employees fund-raising efforts for a number of different causes and for more senior employees offer partially paid time off so that they can pursue charitable work.

The discounts available to Old Navy employees are attractive as well.  There is a generous staff discount that can be used at all of The Gap’s stores and the company also arranges for discounts with other merchants for their employees to take advantage of as well.

Completing the Online Old Navy Application The Right Way

As Old Navy is owned by The Gap the online application that has to be completed to apply for a job at the store is a ‘cover all’ form that also includes The Gap and certain opportunities with Piper Lime and Athleta. You can however choose, at the beginning of the online application process to specify that you are applying only for an Old Navy store and a specific position that is listed on the website.

The Old Navy application itself is not one that is too complicated but it is important that you fill it out completely and accurately as applications with missing information are usually not considered. Old Navy and The Gap do not store resumes in the way that some corporations do either so you need to make sure that you have adequate time to sit down and complete the forms in one sitting and that you will not be interrupted if at all possible.

Fun Facts About Old Navy You May Not Have Known

  • The original creator of the Old Navy concept, Ken Rapp, says he got the inspiration for the company name while traveling in Paris where he came across a bar called The Old Navy Cafe and he liked the name so much he decided to use it for the new company.
  • Old Navy are known for their fun commercials, especially a series of commercials that featured talking shop mannequins the “Supermodelquins.” The characters were popular from 2009 until 2011 when they were retired as a part of a re-branding campaign. While it lasted though they were featured in their own video game and became playable characters in the popular ‘Sims’ video game franchise.
  • There are certain products that Old Navy has become best known for. Their ‘Performance Fleece’ range is a perennial customer favorite and bestseller and their annual Flip Flop sale is something that some people wait all year for!
  • The parent company of Old Navy was founded by a husband and wife team Don and Doris Fisher. The reason why they opened the store in San Francisco was a very simple one – the slim but very tall Don could never find a pair of jeans that fit him properly so he decided to create and sell his own. Years later when asked if he had intended to build a multinational empire Don said no, he and his wife’s highest ambition back in 1969 was to own 10 stores!