Online Jobs for College Students

Online Jobs for College Students

There are not too many college students that don’t wish they had at least a little bit more money. While the idea of living off Ramen noodles and Kool Aid might sound cool in reality its really not. However the difficulty many college students have when it comes to taking a part time job is finding one that will still allow them to make it to all of their classes and get all of their studies done. For an increasing number of college kids the answer is looking for jobs, and other ways to make money online, something they can do whenever they have the time.

Although, sadly, there are a lot of scams out there. there are also a number of really good online jobs for college students that can make a little extra cash. Some of them call for a bit of creativity while others are really something that any college student can do.

Here are just a few great ideas:

Tutoring – If you have the patience, tutoring can be a great way to make extra money and what might surprise you is that there are quite a few places where you can register to tutor students online, rather than having to meet with them in person.

Sites like Smart Thinking and are always on the look out for qualified tutors for lots of different subjects and they are free to join (although they will take a small commission on any earnings.) Usually all you need, apart from the smarts of course, is your own computer, a webcam and a good Internet connection, things that almost every college student has these days.

Freelancing – There are a number of good freelancing sites where college students with the skills – writing, data entry, computer programming – can apply for, and complete for employers from all over the world. Of all the reputable freelance sites is often the best option for cash poor college students as they do not charge an upfront or membership fee, but take a commission from any earnings that you make instead (usually 10% so keep that in mind when you are bidding on jobs.)

Not every student is into the idea of doing even more writing or typing on top of their college coursework though. If that applies to you then you might want to try a site like This is a rather unique site that lets you offer ‘gigs’ for $5 a time and the huge variety of things people offer to do (and get paid for) will probably really surprise you.

Survey Sites – Whatever some online ads might say, you cannot make a fortune completing online surveys but you can make a few extra dollars. Never pay to join a survey site though, there are a lot of very reputable free ones online that you can participate on free of charge. If you are ask to pay anything then its a pretty good sign that the opportunity is a scam.

If you do want to try completing online surveys to make a little extra pocket money try looking for a site that caters more to your specific interests. This way not only will it be a more interesting way to spend your time but you are also more likely to fit the demographic being looked for, which will help you earn more money. For example if you are a video game fan a site like gameplaysurveys.comshould be a good fit for you.

Amazon Mechanical Turk – This is a lesser known site that college students can also sign up for to make a small amount of extra cash on a regular basis. This site – run by Amazon – allows computer software developers to find ‘human intelligence’ to do simple things that their computer programs cannot but is crucial to their work.

The pay for each ‘HIT’ (which stands for Human Intelligence Tasks) is not very high – between 0.05 and 0.75  per piece – but the tasks are very simple and they can often be very interesting as well.

Writing and Publishing eBooks – This is an online money making option for college students that will probably not be a moneymaker right away but its does have the potential to and it can also be a great way to pad your resume a little.

As most people know eBooks are pretty much making traditional books obsolete and it is actually very easy to publish eBooks that you can sell for both ereaders and smartphones.

One of the best places to get started is, again, Amazon. If you write an ebook and simply save it in .doc or pdf form you can open an Author account, upload your book and Amazon converts it, free of charge into an eBook that is suitable for Kindles and other eReaders. You can then set a price and sell the book on amazon in the same way as any other author.

What you choose to write about is up to you. it does not have to be a novel, there is a big market for inexpensive non fiction how-to books and for a college student they are often nice and quick to write if you know your subject!

A Word About Scams – As we preciously mentioned there are a lot of scams out there that target college students who are looking for an easy way to make extra money online. Beware of online jobs foe college students offers you might find on Craigslist and Backpage – there are a lot of scams there and many of them are just ways for people to collect information that could be used to steal your identity, not something you want at all! Also never pay to apply to a job or money earning opportunity unless you are completely sure that offer is 100% legitimate and truly worth the investment.