Online Jobs for Teenagers

Online Jobs for TeenagersĀ 

Most teenagers would love to have more cash than their parents give them in the form of an allowance and a great many teens would not mind it at all if they could find a part time job that would allow them to make a bit of extra cash on the side without interfering too much with their studies (which are the priority for a teenager.)

Part time jobs for teens are getting harder to find though, especially for kids under the age of 18. Many companies no longer hire anybody under the age of 18 because of regulatory and insurance difficulties. Those that will look at hiring a younger teen (usually around 16) are so hard to find these days that the competition for them is very fierce.

So how about the Internet? After all, most teenagers spend plenty of time online anyway and is a few of those hours spent on Facebook and other popular teen sites could actually become profitable wouldn’t that be great? The big question is are there really ways that a teen can make money online or is their tender age a big barrier there too?

There are in quite a lot of different ways that teenagers can consider to make money online. Here are just a few online jobs for teenagersĀ to keep in mind:

NOTE: For many of these opportunities you will need a Paypal account. If you are under 18 you can have an adult create an account and then add you on as a Student account. It even comes with a Mastercard Debit/ATM card in your own name so you can get instant access to your earnings! – Some of the articles you might come across about online jobs for teenagers suggest joining a freelance site like Odesk or Elance and looking for writing jobs or other freelance work. The problem with that though (and something that is often not mentioned in those articles) is that those sites require that everyone who works on the site is over the age of 18. There is no faking it either as you are required to provide the proper proof! however is a little different. Fiverr is open to everybody and you can offer a ‘gig’ for $5 to anyone. The fun thing about for teenagers is the ‘gig’ they offer can be anything and sometimes the most unusual ones turn out to be the most popular. You can offer to do video impersonations, create artwork, take zany pictures, pretend to be someone’s girlfriend or boyfriend on Facebook (believe it or not that’s a very popular gig!) In fact almost anything goes, as long as it is not illegal or pornographic.

YouTube – Making money from the advertising revenue that YouTube videos can earn is another way that teenagers can use their own personal creativity to make money online. As anyone who goes on YouTube knows almost anything and everything has the potential to go viral and a lot of teens have already made plenty of cash, and a name for themselves, with their videos. These days anyone can opt to ‘monetize’ their videos and then its just up to you to promote, promote, promote!

Paid to Click Sites – Another moneymaking venture that is often suggested for teenagers is that they join a paid survey site. Again though, the vast majority of these sites are for people aged 18 or over. Again, maybe you could fake it but expect trouble when it comes to withdrawing earnings if you do.

What a younger teen can consider is joining a pay to click site. Basically you sign up for an account and then are presented with a series of websites that you literally have to click through. It is not always that interesting and the money you earn is not a great deal but if you get into the habit of visiting a site regularly you can earn some extra pocket money.

Etsy – Lots of teenagers, even in the age of the Internet, like to make things. Jewelry, buttons, artwork, all kinds of things. Etsy is an online marketplace for all of these things and more. If you are under 18 you will have to have an adult set up a ‘store’ for you but once they do its all yours to run. Etsy provides you with a lot of cool tools to help you build a great online storefront and all you will need is a Paypal account so that you can accept payments (and make withdrawals)

Start a Blog – Of all the ways that a teen can make money online blogging is the one that will take the longest to become profitable and it will also probably require the most work. However if you really, really know what you are writing about and can do so in an engaging way then in the long run all the effort can be worth it.

Need a little inspiration, a few examples if success? Well, how about Tavi Gevinson, a 15 year old whose fashion and pop culture blog has become so famous that she has appeared on late night talk shows and has actually become a respected name in the real fashion industry. Or a 15 year old boy called Nick Normile who’s blog turned him into a respected food critic by the time he was 18? The sky’s the limit if you have the talent and the drive!

These are just a few ways the Internet can open up earning opportunities for teens. The one thing you do need to be on the lookout for are scams. Unfortunately there are people out there who try to take advantage of a teen’s desire to earn their own money and rip them off. Don’t pay to join a site that promises to find you a job. Anything they could offer you (which is usually nothing at all) you can find for yourself.