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For some people, customer service is simply something they enjoy. For many the idea of working with animals is also an appealing thought. Those who work at Pet-co get to combine those two things together, as the retail chain is one of the few in the country that actually encourages its human customers to bring their pets shopping with them.

At the center of Petco’s business is its pet product sales, everything from essentials like food items to more whimsical toys and even pet clothing. Over the years – Petco began in California in 1965 and now boasts more than 1,100 locations across the US – a number of pet related services have been added in-store as well, including grooming services, dog training and doggie daycare services and extended stay boarding at Petco ‘Pooch Hotels’. Following the company doctrine of ‘Adoption First’ when it comes to dogs and cats many stores also host adoption drives, bringing animals from local shelters into the stores to showcase them and help ensure they get the home they need.

Who Can Get a Job at Petco?

In order to apply for any position at a Petco store an applicant must hold a high school diploma or a GED and be over the age of 18 years old. They must also be willing to agree to a background check if employment is offered.

The primary skills that the company looks for in its entry level store associates that meet the basic requirements stated above is that they have a passion for animals and customer service. As previously mentioned, may people bring their pets with them to Petco branches and all store associates are expected to treat the animal customers as well as they do the human ones.

All store associates, in addition to the basic duties any retail clerk might undertake – cashier duties, stocking, assisting customers with purchases – have the chance to help take care of the animals who come to the grooming salons, are in the doggie daycare or are a part of an adoption drive.

Entry level associates have the chance to learn from more experienced staff about dog grooming and training as well, so that at some point they can advance permanently to such positions. They also have the chance to earn specialist qualifications, aquatic specialist, reptile specialist etc. that will allow them to earn more and gain seniority and expertise in a specific area of pet care. Many Petco store managers are also hired from within so an associate’s position does offer the potential for growth to those interested.

Petco also employ trained dog trainers and animal groomers from outside to help staff these service areas in their stores.

Finally, Petco maintain their own distribution warehouses at a number of locations across the country and blue collar positions are available there as well.

Completing the Online Petco Application The Right Way

Those interested in working at Petco can search for open positions at the careers section of the company website. Once they find a position that interests them the Petco application process is completed online.

Petco, like many other large retail corporations, now maintains a talent management database so you will have to create an account there (you will be prompted on how to do that via links) before completing the application. Do make sure that the email address you supply in this process is one that you check frequently as this is how the majority of communications will be made during the hiring process.

Petco application itself is fairly standard but you should complete it slowly and carefully to ensure that all of the information you have provided is accurate. Not only will it be used to process you for an interview should you be offered a position it will be used to complete your background check so it is crucial that it is all correct and that everything (education, work history) is verifiable.

Fun Facts about Petco You Might Want to Know

Whenever you go for an interview employers love to see that you have done a little research into their company. So here are some fun, fast facts about Petco you might want to know:

  • The two cute pets that serve as the Petco logo are officially called Red Ruff the dog and Blue Mews the cat.
  • As mentioned, many stores host adoption drive on behalf of local animal shelters. In some more rural areas though, where there is no active animal shelters shelters are actually attached to the Petco store and funded by the non profit Petco Foundation.
  • The Petco Foundation now maintains a Pet Food Bank. As harsh economic times have led to many families having to give up a beloved pet because they cannot afford to feed them the Animal Food Banks work in much the same way as human food banks do and have enabled thousands of families to keep their treasured pets with them and fed in rough financial times. The Petco Foundation also helps offer low cost spaying, neutering and basic vaccinations for pets as well.
  • Petco owns the naming rights to the Petco Park baseball stadium, home to the MLB’s San Diego Padres.