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North Americans spend billions of dollars a year (literally) on products to help make their pets’ lives easier and so it is no surprise that a chain store like PetSmart exist to help meet those consumers needs.

PetSmart began life as Pet Food Warehouse, a store founded by Jim and Janice Dougherty in a suburb of Phoenix, Arizona in 1986. In a relatively short time that single store has grown into a chain of 1,160 stores across the US, Canada and Puerto Rico.

It may have started off as a simple pet food store that also sold a few toys etc for pets but as Petsmart has grown it has expanded to become what it terms a ‘total solution’ for pet owners, providing grooming, boarding, training and even pet adoption services at a number of its locations around the country. The latest additions to some 100 of the companies largest stores (with more being added all of the time) are Banfield Pet Hospitals, an onsite veterinary service that provides care for a range of domestic pets, not just cats and dogs.

Who Can Work at PetSmart? 

Because PetSmart strives to be a lot more than a simple pet supply store the range of positions available in their stores is a relatively diverse one. There are however some basics that any potential employee must understand. For example, almost all positions are fairly physically demanding as associates will be dealing with stocking, display maintenance and floor walking to ensure that any and all customers that require assistance get it. All store employees must also truly enjoy working with animals (and not just cats and dogs) and be comfortable with the fact that many shoppers will bring their pets into the store with them.

After they are initially employed associates do get the chance to choose to specialize in a certain area of a store’s operation and are then given the additional training they need to do so. There are training programs that help employees learn to become animal specialists in a certain department, pet groomers, dog trainers or to become skilled members of the grooming parlor team.

As PetSmart maintains its own warehouse and distribution facilities there are also positions available in these facilities in both blue and white collar niches.

Completing the Online PetSmart Application the Right Way 

In order to apply for most positions at PetSmart locations candidates must complete an applications located in the careers section of the company’s website. A specific position does have to be applied for and a searchable database of available openings is displayed in the same place.

The PetSmart application is not overly complicated, but it does call for quite a lot of information – information that has to be accurate in order for your application to be properly processed and given the proper consideration. Therefore you should set aside a time to complete it when you have 45-60 minutes of uninterrupted time to do so and you have all of the information you might need – SSN#, driver licence, references names and contact information etc. on hand.

PetSmart, like most large employers these days, does require that anyone who is offered a position with the company must agree to a background check before beginning work. These checks are made using the information you supply on your initial application, so this is yet another reason that everything is accurate and honest.

Fast facts about PetSmart You Might Want to Know 

In an interview situation most employers are impressed if a candidate can demonstrate that they have taken little time to learn about the company. To help you there here are some facts and tidbits about the company you might find interesting and useful:

  • Instead of offering dogs, cats, rabbits and other larger animals for direct sale in their stores, PetSmart donates space to local rescue groups. These rescue groups are also given donations of pet food and other supplies. All of the adoption fees are kept by the rescue groups themselves, Petsmart doe not receive any monetary compensation at all. As of 2012, over 5,000,000 pets have found forever homes this way.
  • In 2005, the company adjusted its actual name in order to help a rebranding effort. The name changed from PETsMART to PetSmart. The ‘mart’ part off the name was de-emphasized to highlight the fact that the stores were now ‘solutions oriented’ instead of just supply stores.
  • In 2010 PetSmart contracted with TV style guru Martha Stewart to create a line of pet supplies exclusively for the company. The Martha Stewart Pets line includes pet toys, dog clothes and pet ‘furniture’.
  • In addition to offering a number of nationwide pet food brands PetSmart also offers its own line of ‘pet nutrition’ products ranging from ‘economy’ products to an ultra high end range of cat and dog food that is considered to be both organic and vegan in nature.