Ross Dress for Less Application

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In leaner economic times everyone is looking for a bargain and that is the principle that Ross Dress for Less has based their business on since the first store was opened up in Pacifica, California, in 1957 by Morris “Morrie” Ross. Since then the discount chain has grown to over 1,000 stores, most in the US, in the southern and mid western states.

The basic business model of Ross Dress for less is very simple – no mannequins, no in store displays, no sophisticated window dressing, all in order to be able to keep prices low on men’s, womens and childrens department store quality clothing as well as homegoods, shoes and accessories.

In 2004, the company added a new store to the brand, dd discounts (the dd stands for deep discounts). In these stores prices are discounted even further, but the stock on any one item is usually very limited so shoppers have to have a ‘buy it when they see it’ mentality!

Who Can Work at Ross Dress for Less?

Ross offer the standard store clerk and store management positions to anyone who is over the age of 18, has a high school diploma or GED and meets the criteria for such positions, which is primarily having a passion for customer service and an interest in fashion in general.

Store jobs are not the only opportunities available though. Ross sources its merchandise from many different places, so the role of the fashion buyer is a very important one. There are also roles for planners, people who decide just what stock should be carried by each store. Both career paths are excellent entry level choices for recent fashion school or marketing graduates.

Ross Dress for Less also maintains its own distribution centers so at several locations across the country there are opportunities for blue collar workers, drivers and administrative staff.

Completing the Ross Dress for Less Application the Right Way

Ross maintain a central job databank on their main corporate website. There, those interested in working with the company can search all of the available open portions nationwide in order to find something they feel they might be suited to. Ross also maintain an online ‘Talent Network’ that allows a potential applicant to complete a generic application and submit a resume even if there is not currently an opening available in their area so that they can be considered for positions that open up in the future.

The Ross Dress for Less application and hiring process is primarily completed online. Any applicant must create an online account that will be used throughout the process (and for some training modules if they are hired) This means that the email address used should be one that you check frequently and that has a professional sounding address not a silly personal one (for example as such things give a bad impression to a hiring manager right away.

How long it will take to complete the Ross Dress for Less application will depend very much upon the type of position you are applying for, but anyone should allow an hour of uninterrupted time to do so. making silly mistakes on an online application is very easy but can make actually your application hard to process, costing you your shot at the job!

Before you submit your application double and triple check everything, just to make sure what you have entered is accurate. You should also ensure that anyone you have listed as a reference is aware of that fact, so that they are not surprised if the receive a call from a Ross hiring manager and are all prepared to say nice things about you!

Interesting Facts and Tidbits About Ross Dress for Less

Any hiring manager is pleased when a job candidate can demonstrate that they did a little pre interview homework and took the time to research the company they hope to work for a little. To help you get started here are some fast facts and tidbits about Ross Dress for Less it might be helpful to know:

  • Although the company has a corporate office in New York City where many of its senior employees work there are actually no Ross Dress for Less or dd discounts stores located anywhere in New England at the present time.
  • Morris “Morrie” Ross founded his stores as traditional department stores; it was not until the 1980s that the discount model was proposed by the board and a small family business, Ross Department Stores, became a much larger concern.
  • Ross’ no mannequin policy, which began in the 1980s, has since been copied successfully by a number of other discount clothing retailers but they were the first to adopt such a stance in order to keep prices down.
  • Despite the fact that it currently lacks much of a presence in the lucrative New England market Ross Dress for Less is still the third largest discount retailer in terms of revenue in the US, behind TJ Maxx and Marshall’s, chains that are both owned by the same company.