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Printable Sears Application


In 2005 The Sears Roebuck Corporation merged with KMart to become the Sears Holding Company. These days employees of Sears are technically employees of the Sears Holding Corporation which also includes Kmart and the catalog retailer Lands End and in fact the same online application can be used to apply for a position with any of these companies.

Who Can Find Work at Sears?

The range of product offerings in most Sears stores is varied and extensive. What a customer service on – the – floor salesperson is required to do though will depend on what ‘kind” of Sears store they work for.

There are several different types of Sears retail store:

Sears Store – These are the larger, flagship stores that sell everything from clothes and to lawnmowers and household appliances. The focus for staff here is on providing excellent customer service and developing a broad product knowledge.

Sears Appliance Showrooms – Stores that concentrate on appliance sales and service There are a lot of career opportunities here for both salespeople and skilled tradesmen.

Sears Hometown Stores – A smaller “family friendly” Sears store type that offers all kinds of general customer service, sales and management career opportunities.

Sears Outlets – Outlet discount stores that offer special deals on discounted, refurbished  and discontinued product lines. There is a special call for staff knowledgeable about technology in these stores.

My Gofer – A new concept in retail that combines online and offline shopping. The idea is that customers make their purchases online and then pick them up at a My Gofer store the same day. The pick and pack staff are especially important in these stores as they are charged with getting customers orders ready quickly and accurately.

Lands End – Flagship stores, usually found in higher end malls and outlets that offer many of the items sold in the famous Lands End retail catalog. Sales and management opportunities are available here.

All Sears employees receive a comprehensive benefit package if they are full time employees. This includes medical and dental insurance, tut ion assistance programs, paid days off and a 401K program.

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Completing the Online Sears Application  

One application covers all of the stores mentioned above although you can indicate your preferred position and store type. The online Sears application is not particularly difficult to navigate or to complete but you do need to ensure that you provide all the required information and that that information is accurate in order for your application to be processed properly. Therefore you should complete it at a time when you do not have to rush and are in a place that is relatively distraction free.

** Sears does not provide a printable Sears application form. In order to apply for a job at Sears you need to enter the Sears career website.

After completing the online Sears appliaction make sure you double – even perhaps triple – check all of the entries you made for accuracy. something as small as a wrong digit in a phone number can seriously delay the processing of your application.

Fun Sears Facts That Might Interest You:

  • Sears and Roebuck co founder Richard Warren Sears had spent his working life as a station master in Minnesota but when he bought a shipment of watches that had been refused at the station by a local  jeweler, he found he was a great salesperson and an interest in retail was ignited.
  • Together with business partner Alvah Roebuck Sears based the concept for his now world famous Sears and Roebuck catalog on the typical farmer’s inability at the time to find the supplies he needed locally.
  • In 1894 the Sears Roebuck catalog offered a line of Ford Automobiles for sale for the first time.
  • Sears also produced the world’s first Christmas catalog in 1933 – calling it the “Sears Wishbook”.
  • Built in 1974 the former Sears Tower is still the tallest building in the US but it lost its title as the tallest building in the world in 1996 to the Petronas Twin Towers in Kuala Lumpa. The bathrooms located on the 103rd floor are still the “highest” bathrooms in the world though!
  • The Sears Tower is no longer officially called the Sears Tower though. After having sold it back in 1996 to the British insurance company Willis, it was officially renamed the Willis Tower in 2009. The new name is rarely ever used though.
  • Sears is now headquartered in an industrial park in Hoffman, Illinois after over a century of being based in Chicago.
  • Richard Warren Sears was also the founder of the Allstate Insurance Company