Taco Bell Application

Printable Taco Bell Application

If you are a fast food fan but a little fed up with the same old burgers and fries Taco Bell has been around since the 1960s to offer you Mexican inspired quick cuisine instead. Over the years Taco Bell has grown from a one man taco stand to a huge international franchise and the company offers people from all walks of life the chance to start a great career in the fast food industry.
From an entry level position as a crew member to a restaurant manager or corporate employee there are a great many career opportunities with Taco Bell but it all begins with one thing – completing the online Taco Bell application.

Download And Print Online Taco Bell Application (PDF)

Who Can Find a Career with Taco Bell?

A great many people begin their careers with Taco Bell while they are still in school – securing a position as an entry level crew member, staffing the “front line” of the restaurant.

Taco Bell has a great record for preferring to promote from within though, meaning that a crew member position can quickly lead to a job as a shift supervisor, an assistant manager or a general manager in charge of all the day to day operations of their restaurant.

Taco Bell has, over the years, earned itself a great reputation as an employer within the fast food industry. The company offers all of their employees some great perks. They have an exceptional performance bonus system as well as a financial hardship assistance program and free career and finance planning programs that all employees can participate in. They also offer paid vacation, discounted food and special employee appreciation events to both restaurant and corporate employees.

The Taco Bell corporate headquarters is located in Irvine, California. Back in 1962 founder Glen Bell opened his first restaurant in San Bernardino and although these days the company is owned by Pepsico it remains true to its California roots and there are all kinds of career opportunities available there too, everything from administrative work and marketing to senior management.

Completing the Online Taco Bell Application The Right Way 

Having found a career opportunity available with a Taco Bell near you very first step  to securing that  job is completing the online Taco Bell  application in the right way.

The application is not difficult to complete but it does run for a number of pages.
whatever kind of position you are applying for, so you should complete it at a time when you will have the chance to do so at your leisure and are free of distractions that may lead to silly mistakes.

Whatever the job you are applying for you will be required to provide quite a lot of information as you complete the online Taco Bell application. Therefore you need to make sure that you have all the essential information you will need on hand before you begin. This information will include the names and numbers of former employers if you have any, school contact information and all the relevant information that can put a hiring manager in touch with your references quickly and easily.

After completing the online Taco Bell application you need to take the time to double check it for mistakes. Even  a wrong number  in a simple phone number can delay the your application and hopeful approval so taking the extra time really is worth it.

Taco Bell  Facts You Might Want to Know

  • The founder of Taco Bell was indeed a gentleman called Bell. Glen Bell opened the first restaurant in 1962 but his franchise grew so quickly that by 1967 he had sold his 100th franchise. He eventually sold the company to Pepsico in 1978
  • Taco Bell sell a LOT of tacos. Over 2 billion tacos and 1 billion burritos of all kinds are served in Taco Bell restaurants each year.
  • Even though you can now find all kinds of them in supermarkets everywhere it was in fact Glen Bell who invented the preformed hard taco shell when he went into business in 1961 running a taco stand in San Bernadino he called Taco Tia.
  • Mountain Dew, which is a Pepsico company, invented a special flavor of their popular soft drink, Baja Blast, to be sold exclusively in Taco Bell restaurants only.
  • A group of friends from Oregon made it their mission to visit as many Taco Bell restaurants as they could during spring break. They must have been very determined in their quest as they managed to hit 100 different Taco Bell locations in just seven days.