Target Application

Printable Target Application


Target is the second largest “discount” retailer in the US – only Walmart is larger. With stores and distribution centers located all over the US (and now in Canada as well) there are plenty of job opportunities with Target for people of all ages. Before you can begin any career with the retail giant though you must complete the online Target application.

** Target does not provide a printable Target application form. In order to apply for a job at Target you need to enter the Target career website.

Working at Target 

In a large retail setting like a Target store there are a number of different career opportunities available for people of all ages:

General Cashiers 
To work as a cashier at any Target store you must be over the age of 18. Cashiers are required to not only run the registers but as the main point of contact for most of the store’s customers they must also have good people and customer service skills as well.

Many Target stores are open long hours (some are even beginning to stay open 24 hours a day) so their are flexible shift opportunities for those who also go to school or are parents.

Customer Service Staff
On the floor customer service staff are responsible for helping customers find the things they are looking for and make purchase decisions. Some customer service staff are assigned to also function as cashiers in specialist areas of the store like the electronics department.

Pharmacy Staff
Most Target stores have a pharmacy on-site. That means there are job opportunities for qualified pharmacists but also for pharmacy technicians and customer service staff.

Many Target store managers are people who have been promoted from within, a policy encouraged by the Target corporation.

Staff Benefits
At all levels Target employees are offered medical and dental insurance and are entitled to paid vacation after a set amount of service time. There are a lot of other benefits and perks offered to eligible staff though. There are in house ‘wellness captains’ to offer staff advice about health and nutrition. There are also education and homeowners assistance programs available to staff at all levels.

Completing the Online Target Application 

The first step to a career with Target, whether you are an entry level employee or a degree holding  professional is completing the online Target application. There is quite a lot of information requested on this form so you should allow yourself an adequate amount of time to complete – and then review – it properly. Even a small mistake like a missing phone number can seriously hamper the progress of your application through the Target hiring process.

The Target application does also require that you provide references. Before you give anyone’s name as a reference speak to them about it first, so that they know that they may be getting a call from a hiring manager and are prepared to speak to them.

The Target application is several pages (or screens) long. Before you hit the submit button at any stage review your information to ensure it is complete and correct. Better still have someone else check it for you, just to really make sure everything is present and correct!

 Fast Fun Facts About Target 

  • Since the first Target branded store opened in Roseville, MN in 1962 the company has used a variation of the famous Bullseye logo.
  • Most people are familiar with the company’s mascot, a dog called Bullseye. The current Bullseye is a female miniature bull terrier (even though she “plays” a boy) She travels to promotions all over the country and a stuffed toy made in her likeness is sold in all target stores.
  • The bottles used in the Target pharmacies for RX drugs are unique in their flat design. Called Clear Design bottles they are also color coded to prevent drug mix ups. When she invented them in 2005 students Deborah Adler found her creation ended up being featured as one of Time magazines “Most Amazing Inventions of 2005”.
  • Target actually owns its own highly sophisticated forensics lab (two in fact) Originally set up to help fight large level shop lifting the labs are now also used by law enforcement officials from all over the country as well since the standards are so high. Target provides this service free.
  • Target is consistently named as one of the most philanthropic companies in the US. Overall Target donates over 5% of its pre tax operating profit to charity. Donations are made to charities in the communities where every individual store is located as well as to national charities including St Judes Hospital and The Salvation Army.