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TJ Maxx is the nationwide fashion chain that helps everyday shoppers keep up with the best in the fashions by offering big designer names at reduced prices. It is a part of the TJX Company, which also owns Marshalls and HomeGoods. In addition to more than 1,000 stores in the US the company also own 263 stores in Europe, operating under the slightly different name, TK Maxx.

TJ Maxx has a rather unique way of stocking their shelves as they buy up designer surplus items all the time, which means that the inventory from store to store – and from day to day – is very different. Also, unlike most clothing stores these days TJ Maxx do not operate an online store.

The first ‘real’ TJ Maxx store opened up in Framingham, Massachusetts in 1976 under the name Zayre Discount Department Store. As the chain grew it changed its name to TJ Maxx, but had to adopt the moniker TK Maxx in the UK and Europe to avoid confusion with the now defunct TJ Hughes department store chain.

Who Can Work at TJ Maxx

In order to work in a TJ Maxx store a candidate must be over the age of eighteen, have a high school diploma or a GED and be willing to undergo both a background check and a drug screen.

Most entry level associates are employed as general clerks, with a number of duties including stock taking, cashier duties and customer service duties on the sales floor.

Both store management and retail buyers are usually sourced from within, with entry level team members who show the right promise – and have a desire to succeed – are promoted to more senior positions.

Retail buyers are very important to the TJ Maxx organization as they are the people who maintain the quality – and the variety – of the items that are stocked in the stores. These positions often to go to staff who have some background in the fashion industry via schooling, or who can at least demonstrate a keen interest and a good eye.

There are also a number of TJ Maxx distribution centers scattered across the country, and opportunities are available there for warehouse staff, quality control supervisors and drivers.

Completing the Online TJ Maxx Application the Right Way 

In 48 of the 50 US states TJ Maxx application is made online at the company’s website. if you happen to live (or want to work) in Pennsylvania or Massachusetts however you can search for open positions online but then you do have to download an application to be completed offline and then taken in person to the store to which you are applying.

Download and Print Online TJ Maxx Application (PDF)

TJ Maxx also operate a candidate tracking system, which means that you can submit an application even if there are currently no positions available in your area that will be accessed and then held on file for at least six months if you might be suitable for future job opportunities.

The online TJ Maxx application (or the written application for PA and MA residents) is quite a lengthy document, so you do need to allow yourself plenty of time, at least 45 minutes, to complete it properly.

Because possible hires will be asked to agree to a background check it is important that all of the information you list is truthful and verifiable. To speed the process do your best to insure that the contact numbers you give for former employers are accurate and that all of your schooling and reference information is accurate as well.

Interesting Facts about TJ Maxx You Might Want To Know

  • A number of TJ Maxx buyers have forged themselves second careers as TV fashion pundits and gurus. This includes Jene Luciani who has worked on the Today Show, the Wendy Williams Show and the Nate Berkus show and Jamie Krell who works for E! Entertainment and the Style Network.
  • Although it does not have an online store TJ Maxx does have a very large Facebook following, where people post their ‘finds’ and advise other consumers about new clothes that they might want to check out. as the stock is limited and the offerings do change all the time this can be one of the best ways to get an idea of what you might find in store before you head out to shop.
  • In March 2007, TJ Maxx was at the center of major credit card fraud attempt which affected its international operations. Details of customers’ credit cards and debit cards were accessed by computer hackers, exposing 45.7 million customers to possible theft from their accounts. In 2010 a hacker named Albert Gonzalez was jailed for 20 years for the crime, as well as for ten more years for a similar scam involving the restaurant chain Dave and Busters.