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Toys R Us began life as the Children’s Bargaintown in Washington DC in 1948. Cashing in on the post war Baby Boom, 25 year old Charles Lazarus opened the store to sell baby furniture, but he quickly began to add toys at the request of his shoppers.

For the first decade Children’s Bargaintown was very much like any other toy store, but as the concern grew Lazarus began to implement a supermarket model for real, where shoppers could wander the store at their leisure and then pay for their purchases at one centralized checkout stand.

In 1957, Charles, who now owned several stores, changed the company’s name to Toys R Us, using the now famous backwards R as a branding touch. In 1960, Geoffrey the Giraffe was born, in TV ads that featured the ‘spokesanimal’ singing the jingle “I Don’t Want to Grow Up, I’m a Toys R Us Kid” and the braanding was complete.

These days, there are over 825 Toys R Us stores in the US, with some 650 more scattered across the globe. The company bought out the famous New York City toy store FAO Schwartz in 2009, and operates it as well as the huge Times Square Toys R Us as their flagship stores.

Who Can Get a Job at Toys R Us 

Most of the in-store job opportunities available with Toys R Us are hourly, general store clerk positions. Clerks may be asked to restock the shelves, organize toy displays, work out on the floor helping customers find what they are looking for, or run the cash registers.

Clerks who show the right aptitude and effort are given the chance to move up to store management and most regional managers are promoted from within as well. All the way up to the senior corporate management level many executives started out with the company as store clerks.

As Toys R Us maintain a number of their own warehouses and distribution centers there are a number of career opportunities there too, as well as in the call centers that provide customer service for the companies numerous online e-tail sites which include,, and

Completing the Toys R Us Online Application the Right Way 

Most of the available positions with Toys R Us Company are listed at the company’s careers website. You can search by location or by interest, and then once you have found the position that interests you in most cases you can complete an online application right away.

Completing the online Toys R Us application can be quite a lengthy process, so do allow yourself enough time to do so without interruptions. There is also a great deal of information that has to be inputted, so having all of the phone numbers and other information you will need at hand before you begin is a way to speed the process up.

In completing the application, remember to include all of your applicable skills, and not just formal qualifications. Often, especially when it comes to store clerks, special knowledge is highly prized – especially in technical areas like video games and outdoor sporting goods.

Interesting Facts about Toys R Us You Might Want To Know 

  • Toys R Us maintains its largest distribution center in Flanders, New Jersey. In 2011, the company replaced 70% of the roofing on the facility with solar tiles. The project is the largest corporate solar installation in the US and it has slashed the facility’s operating costs dramatically.
  • Before there was Geoffrey the Giraffe, another giraffe, Dr. G. Raffe, was the symbol of the original Kids Bargaintown. He was designed by an artist friend of Charles’ who was also responsible for his evolution into Geoffrey, who was designed to be younger and more kid friendly.
  • In 2001, animator Stan Winston built an animatronic Geoffrey, who look more like a real giraffe, to stand in the Times Square store. That Geoffrey talks to customers, and he does so in the voice of Jim Hanks, brother of Tom. The realistic Geoffrey also starred in many commercials worldwide until 2007, when cartoon Geoffrey made a comeback.
  • Toys R Us has notoriously high product safety standards that exceed those of the US Federal Government. Some toys that would be considered safe by the US Government are not considered suitable for sale in Toys R Us. For example, Toys R Us will not sell a toy that has more than 250 parts per million of lead, while the government is OK with 660 ppm.