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Printable Victoria’s Secret Application

The words lingerie and Victoria’s Secret are pretty much interchangeable as the company really is the world’s number one source for stylish undies and other intimates. The company has relatively humble beginnings though. In 1977 was founded by Tufts University and Stanford Graduate School of Business alumnus Roy Raymond and his wife Gaye. The store was Roy’s idea, as he had always felt like an ‘uncomfortable intruder’ if he went to a store to buy intimate apparel for his wife. His idea was to create a store that both men and women could be comfortable shopping in. Having borrowed the startup capital from his parents the first small store opened up in San Francisco, CA.

The market to males idea did not work at first though and by the early Eighties the Raymonds were facing bankruptcy. Instead they sold the Victoria’s Secret brand to The Limited, who set about revamping the brand as a female friendly boudoir instead. Within five years three stores turned into 300.

Although the company has faced challenges since they are now the number one name in lingerie in the world, operating more than 1,000 physical stores as well as the highly successful Victoria’s Secret catalog and online store.

Who Can Work at Victoria’s Secret?

The ‘VS’ empire has become huge, incorporating both online professionals and dedicated in store staff. Most entry level jobs are for store associates though.

As it does position itself as a female friendly store all the sales associates are women. Usually an entry level sales associate will have to have the minimum of a high school diploma or GED and for store management trainees a college degree – at least an Associate’s Degree – is usually preferred.

The training for an associate is rather strict and stringent, as is the company dress code. The standards for associates appearance (in terms of presentation) and behavior are notoriously high in most stores and the attendance policy is tougher than at many jobs instead. In return store associates are offered a comprehensive benefits package which includes merchandise discounts and in some cases tuition assistance.

How to Complete the Online Victoria’s Secret Application

Unlike almost any other large retail operation in the US you can download a Victoria’s Secret Application but you cannot complete it online. They also do not list store based job opportunities online either, so applications have to be submitted in person at the store you wish to work for on a ‘spec’ basis.

Download and Print Victoria’s Secret Application (PDF)

As you will be completing a written application it is important that you double and triple check every entry. Handwriting is not subject to a spell check so it is up to you to make sure everything is clear, neat and easy to understand.

The Limited – Victoria’s Secret parent company – do run an extensive background check on anyone that they have an interest in hiring so honesty on the application is a must. You should also be aware that a credit check is a part of that application and while a poor credit record may not bar you from employment you may want to check it yourself so that you are aware of what is on there were you to asked about it.

Fast but Fun Facts about Victoria’s Secret You May Not Have Known

  • The address given in the corporate ‘backstory’ for Victoria’s Secret is a fictitious one in London, originally made up by founder Roy Raymond to add to the company’s ‘allure’. The real Victoria’s Secret headquarters are based in Columbus, Ohio. Even stranger perhaps is the fact that there was not even a Victoria’s Secret store in England until a branch opened in London in 2012.
  • The name of the company is as fanciful as the address, it really means nothing. There was no Victoria – the founder’s wife was called Gaye – and what her secret was, well, nice undies certainly, but anything else was just a matter of branding.
  • The story of Roy Raymond is a rather sad one. After losing his business, and getting just $4 million in return for the Victoria’s Secret name, the catalog concept and his five stores,  he attempted to start a clothes line for kids and that too failed. He committed suicide by leaping from the Golden Gate Bridge in 1993 at just 46 years old.
  • Contrary to popular opinion, not all of the now very famous, and highly paid, Victoria’s Secret models can call themselves ‘Angels’. Only a handful of those who model for Victoria’s Secret are ever given the ‘official’ designation of Angel.
  • The very first Victoria’s Secret fashion show as held at the Plaza Hotel in NYC, and was not broadcast in any way. The original models who walked the first runway show were Natane Adcock, Helena Barquilla, Leilani Bishop, Keri Claussen, Gail Elliott, Valerie Jean, Angelika Kallio, Catherine McCord, Beverly Peele, Stephanie Seymour, Ingrid Seynhaeve, Frederique van der Wal, Veronica Webb and Magdalena Wrobel. According to Seymour they only received their regular ‘day rate’, not the millions that today’s ‘Runway Angels’ do.
  • Contrary to popular opinion that it is Heidi Klum or Tyra Banks, the longest serving Victoria’s Secret Angel is Adriana Lima. Her first fashion show appearance was in the 1999 show and she has appeared every year since, including once just a few months after the birth of her eldest daughter Valentina. Fellow Brazilian Alessandra Ambrosio comes a close second, as she has been appearing as a Runway Angel since 2000, the first year that the show was broadcast on TV.