Walgreens Application

Printable Walgreens Application


Walgreens is the largest drug store chain in the US with over 8,000 locations scattered all over the US and Puerto Rico. As an employer Walgreens has a great reputation and there are job and career opportunities available for people of all ages and education levels. Working at Walgreens, whatever position you are interested in, begins with filling out the online Walgreens application though.

** Walgreens does not provide a printable Walgreens application form. If you want to apply for a job at Walgreens you need to enter the Walgreens career website.

Career Opportunities  

As they have so many locations across the US chances are that there is a Walgreens somewhere near you. In store there are a number of opportunities for those interested in a customer service role. These include:

Service Clerks – Working as a service clerk is often the entry point for many people interested in a career with the chain. Apart from general cashier’s duties service clerks also help stock and restock the store, design and maintain in-store signage and displays and help customers with their purchase decisions.

Beauty Advisors – Every Walgreens store employs Beauty Advisors. These store employees work in the cosmetics department and are there to advise customers about the best and latest looks that the store offers.

Photo Specialists – The photo department is still a big part of every Walgreens store and the photo specialists who staff it are trained to use all the latest photo processing equipment as well as in general photography techniques so that they can help advise customers about the best way to meet their photography needs.

Store Managers – Most Walgreens store managers are promoted to their positions from within, having begun their career with Walgreens in one of the positions detailed above.

Pharmacy Employees – In addition to employed fully trained and licensed pharmacists in every store Walgreens also staffs its pharmacies with several pharmacy technicians to assist them. The company even offers a special internship programs for current pharmacy students to help them get the hands on experience that will be so valuable to them when they complete their studies.

Distribution Center EmployeesWalgreens operates 19 dedicated distribution centers across the US and there are all kinds of opportunities there – everything form pickers and packers to human resource administrators.

Benefits – Walgreens offers a very comprehensive benefits package to all its full time employees. they receive medical and dental insurance, paid vacation and sick time and prescription discounts to help offset copays for prescription drugs.

Completing the Online Walgreens Application 

Anyone interested in any position with the company has to complete the online Walgreens application. Though not at all hard to understand or complete it does ask for quite a lot of information so you should only sit down to compete it when you have plenty of distraction free time to do so.

It is very important that all the information you give on the Walgreens application you complete is accurate. Phone numbers are especially important to enter correctly as just one digit wrong in a number can really delay the processing of your application. Before you submit the application check it over carefully, paying special attention to the things like phone numbers and reference information.

When it comes to references do make sure you speak to the people whose names and contact details you intend to give before you submit the online Walgreens application. That way they will not be surprised if they receive a call from a hiring manager and will be ready to say all those nice things about you!

Fast Fun Facts about Walgreens 

  • As much as the rules of grammar say there should be one there is officially no apostrophe in the Walgreens name.
  • A Walgreens employee is usually the one credited with the invention of an American classic – the malted milkshake. His name was Ivar Coulson and he came up with the idea in 1922, just after the first electric blenders were being introduced.
  • Walgreens were the first pharmacy to fill prescriptions using child resistant containers. They began doing so in 1968, years before the law required it.
  • Walgreens have a commitment to community outreach. They use their electronic signage outside the stores to display sever weather alerts and missing child information whenever necessary as well as regular advertising. Walgreens also has programs in place to ensure they can help out during a natural disaster.
  • In 2002 a Walgreens VP proposed an initiative to encourage more disabled people to apply to work at Walgreens and for efforts to be made to have them work alongside able bodied employees to encourage inclusion. The results included the creation of 2 distribution centers where over 40% of the staff are disabled. Impressed by the idea a number of other large companies have adopted similar policies themselves.