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Wendy’s (officially known as Wendy’s Old Fashioned Hamburgers) rounds out the “Big Three” in the US fast food industry,together with McDonald’s and Burger King. The chain was founded in 1969 in Columbus, Ohio by Dave Thomas, who  named his first hamburger restaurant after his daughter Wendy. Famous for their square burgers and their commitment to fresh, cooked to order food there are now more than 6,650 Wendy’s restaurants, most of which are located in the US and Canada.

For those looking for a good job in the fast food industry Wendy’s offers a great many opportunities at all levels but it all has to begin by completing an online Wendys application.

Download and Print Online Wendys Application (PDF)

Who can Get a Job at Wendy’s
Wendy’s has the most diverse menu of the “Big Three” as it offers salad bars, deli style sandwiches and other meal items in addition to its world famous fresh never frozen square hamburger patties. As all the food served at Wendys is cooked fresh to order the need for kitchen crew is a large one. The same can be said for front of the house crew and management positions.

In addition Wendys has a policy to promote from within whenever possible so completing your first online Wendys application can lead to much more than just a part time after school job.

Most Wendys restaurants are open long hours (many serve breakfast too now, extending opening hours even further) so there are schedules available to fit all lifestyles, especially students and working parents.

Crew Members
Most Wendys restaurants will employ people 16 years of age or older and most people begin their career at Wendys as a restaurant crew member. Wendys policy is that crew members be as rounded as possible, that they learn about front of the house service and what goes on the kitchen.
Most entry level crew positions are minimum wage jobs but there are other perks offered including free food while you are working, paid vacations, health insurance and a number of unique employee assistance plans and service awards.

Wendys Management

More than 80% of the shift supervisors and restaurant managers are promoted to their positions from the crew member level and to promote within as far as possible is a Wendy’s corporate policy.
In fact the corporation has a defined career path for their employees to follow if they are interested in a restaurant management career that could eventually see them becoming a district manager or higher.

Field and Training Staff

Wendys places a big emphasis on training and the maintenance of high standards in all their restaurants. To meet those goals the company employs a great many trainers, usually people who began their career with the company as a Wendys crew member, to travel around their assigned district to help mangers train their staff and keep up on all the latest menu changes and promotions.

Wendys maintains several management training schools across the country as well. Almost all of the instructors at these institutions began their career with Wendy’s at the crew member level and learned everything they teach others first hand.

There are also many opportunities in the numerous Wendys corporate offices that are located all across the US and Canada.

Completing the Online Wendys Application The Right Way

As you can see there are a lot of opportunities to pursue an interesting and lucrative career as a member of the Wendys team but it all has to begin by obtaining your first position by filing out the online Wendys application.

Once you have found a position in your area that interests you you will be redirected to complete an online Wendys application. The application is usually quite lengthy so do allow yourself  plenty of time to complete it and have all your personal and reference information on hand before you begin.

As you progress through the application make sure that you enter all of your information correctly and that you complete all the fields that apply to you. Double check what you have typed in before hitting submits as incorrect or missing information will slow down the
hiring process. And if you will be giving people’s names as references make sure that you let them know about it beforehand, so that they are not surprised if they receive a call from a Wendy’s hiring manager.

Wendys Facts That You Might Want to Know

  • Dave Thomas named his company after his daughter but Wendy is not her real name, it was a family nickname. Her real name is Melinda and her pictures were hung all over that original Columbus location for years.
  • Even though he died in 2002, founder Dave Thomas is still a huge part of the Wendy’s corporate culture. Every year the company celebrates “Founders Day” and Mr Thomas’ likeness and philosophies are still heavily featured in the Wendy’s marketing materials.
  • In 1979 Wendy’s introduced a salad bar to their locations, the first fast food chain to do so. The competition never did follow suit but the Wendy’s salad bar remains a customer favorite today.
  • Although primarily a North American restaurant chain there are also now Wendy’s restaurants in New Zealand,Guatemala, Mexico, Greece, Turkey and Italy.
  • Dave Thomas was an adopted child and he spent much of his life, and his money, highlighting the plight or children who needed a permanent home. He founded the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption and the Wendy’s Wonderful Kids Program provides cash strapped local welfare agencies with funds to hire extra adoption recruiters and to help make the lives of children in foster care in their area a little easier.
  • Because of their founder’s commitment to adoption the company even offers a special assistance program to Wendy’s employees at all levels who make the decision to adopt a child.