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For almost 100 the name Winn Dixie has been synonymous with affordable grocery shopping in the American Southern states of Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana and Mississippi. And although the company, after several shaky years financially is now a subsidiary of the larger  BI-LO Holdings LLC it is still considered to be one of the quintessential Southern supermarkets, with over 480 stores employing 63,000+ people.

Winn Dixie was founded and built up by William Milton Davis and his sons Artemus Darius Davis, James Elsworth Davis, Milton Austin Davis and Tine Wayne Davis.

The familiar Winn Dixie name was not used until the late 1930s, combination of names of companies the brothers had purchased that they happened to think sounded great together.

The store, under the guidance of the Davis family, only began to flounder in the late 90s, resulting in a bankruptcy filing in 2005. At that time all of the Winn Dixie stores located in North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, and Virginia were closed. Although the company is now publicly traded even after the merger with BI-LO the Davis family still hold 35% of the stock, allowing the company to still lay claim to being a family owned store.

Based mainly on some clever rebranding and some very competitively priced white label (or generic) store brands, within its now smaller market Winn Dixie has made a great recovery as a company under its new ownership and some of the old stores in the Carolinas will be reopening their doors in 2014.

Who Can Work at Winn Dixie?

As is the case at most large supermarket chains the numbers of different career opportunities available with Winn Dixie are very diverse. From clerks and shelf stackers, to managers and distribution warehouse staff (the company maintains several facilities within the states it operates in) 308 of the remaining Winn Dixie stores also offer a full service pharmacy, so there are opportunities for these professionals as well.

Completing the Online Winn Dixie Application the Right Way

Although the ownership of the company has changed hands the legacy of the Davis family is one that is still taken very seriously. Their motto was to promote trust and customer service above all else, so Winn Dixie operates its own specialized training program for entry level employees in all departments.

That experience begins with the Winn Dixie online application. An assessment, which can take over an hour to complete, is a part of the basic application for any Winn Dixie position so anyone getting ready to apply for a job should be prepared to tackle that and to do so honestly, as more of the questions relate to your personal opinion on various issues related to working in the retail service industry rather than queries that have an actual right or wrong answer.

Although many of the entry level positions offered at Winn Dixie do not call for any experience they do ask that applicants provide personal references. Make sure that you enter all of these people’s contact information correctly and do take the time to actually tell them you are listing them as a reference, so that they are not surprised when they receive a call about you from a Winn Dixie hiring manager!

Interesting Facts about Winn Dixie You Might Not Have Known

  • William Milton Davis borrowed $1,000 from  his own father, who ran a convenience store in  Burley, Idaho, and moved to Miami, Florida to try his hand in the rapidly growing supermarket business in 1927. By 1931, after a series of fortunate acquisitions, the company, which was at the time known as Table Stores, had expanded to 33 locations across Florida, and by the time William died in 1934 that figure had increased to 50.
  • Over the course of their history, Winn Dixie has offered over 65 different store brand products. The one that has become iconic in the South however is the ‘Chek’ brand of soft drinks which, in parts of the South is as famous as Coca Cola or Pepsi.
  • Winn Dixie was a ‘central character’ in the book – and later the movie Because of Winn-Dixie by Kate DiCamillo about a dog that is found wandering in a Winn Dixie supermarket.