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footlocker application
Printable Foot Locker Application


Foot Locker (and its subdivisions Lady Foot Lockers and Kids Foot Locker) is the last remaining remnant of the once very powerful FW Woolworth Corporation (the Woolworth that remain in Australia and some parts of Europe have no connection to the original company) but it has grown to become the US’ largest athletic footwear chain and a favorite stop for both the sports-fan and those interested in the ‘fashion side’ of the athletic wear business.

As the store chain has expanded they have also branched out from simply selling athletic footwear and now stock a wide range of athletic apparel and small fitness equipment items as well.

Footlocker bills itself as the perfect place for a sneaker fan to work. The athletic footwear business has become increasingly complex over the years, especially when it comes to celebrity endorsed shoes and athletic clothing lines. These days some people anticipate the lunch of a new sneaker every bit as much as, for example, an avid gamer does the release of a hot new game. The one thing that Footlocker does like to have in its staff – from junior sales associates on up – is the knowledge to be able to keep with these trends and inform customers about them.

** Foot Locker does not provide a printable Foot Locker application form. In order to apply for a job at Foot Locker you need to enter the Foot Locker career website.

Working for Foot Locker

As is the case for almost all large retail chains there are far more career opportunities for people than just becoming a sales clerk. Everyone does have to begin somewhere though so most entry level positions are in stocks and sales for in-store opportunities. From there career minded individuals can progress to management positions and even corporate leadership opportunities.

The headquarters of the Foot Locker Corporation is located in New York City and there are also opportunities there for people with clerical, marketing and administrative skills who prefer to work in an office setting and a corporate atmosphere.

Completing the Online Foot Locker Application

Like most major retail companies these days the Foot Locker application process is primarily completed online and it is by online application that Foot Locker prefers people seek employment with their company.

When you head to the Foot Locker website and enter the Career Opportunities section you will be able to search for specific job opportunities in the stores in your area. Unlike some other retail stores the company only accepts applications for open positions and will not hold applications on file should other positions ‘come up’. That means that if you are interested in working for the company you would have to keep checking back to see when and if positions become available in your area stores.

The Foot Locker Corporation prefers to refer to the completion of an online Foot Locker application as an online interview. That is because certain questions are asked that act as a test of sorts, determining whether you have some of theĀ  basic knowledge that relates to the position you are applying for.

This is a form of ‘pre screening’ that is becoming more common in the business world in general these days. This means that when you complete the application you should allow yourself plenty of uninterrupted time and be somewhere where you will be free from distractions.

The other thing that you should be aware of is that the Foot Locker application needs to be completed in one sitting, it cannot be saved and returned to in the way that many other online applications can and there is no ‘back’ button once you submit it so it is very important that you proofread everything you have written before you decide you are finished.

Foot Locker Fun Facts and Things You May Not Have Known

  • Foot Locker is a worldwide chain and have stores located in Canada, the UK, some parts of Europe, Australia and New Zealand.
  • Foot Locker operate the Foot Locker School Rewards Program, which allows customers to have a portion of the proceeds from their purchases donated to the local school of their choice.
  • Foot Locker also offer a Scholar Athlete Program which awards students who excel at both sports and academics with $20,000 in college scholarship funds. Twenty such awards are made every year and the winners are chosen based on their academic grades and on an essay submission.
  • Foot Locker is a corporation run with military precision. Former long time CEO Matt Serra was an former Marine whilst his replacement when he retired in 2010, Ken Hicks, is a former career Army man.
  • Although Foot Locker commercials feature stars from all sports their spots featuring NBA stars are particularly popular and memorable. In 2011 they made the most of the NBA lockout by running a number of commercials showing NBA stars Amare Stoudamire and Brandon Williams being interviewed for and then being ‘hired’ to work at Foot Locker because they were currently ‘unemployed’.
  • It is very hard to mistake that a sales associate works for Foot Locker as they all wear the same distinctive referee style uniforms that have become closely associated with the brand.
  • The Footlocker Corporation also owns and operates CCS, an off and online retail store that cater specifically to skateboarders and snowboarders.