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McDonalds is, without much of a doubt, the best known name in the fast food industry in the world. You can find a McDonalds restaurant in almost every country in the world and the famous golden arches is probably the best known corporate logo in the world as well. No wonder then that so many young people have secured their very first job through the giant hamburger chain but there are in fact job opportunities at McDonald’s that suit more than just high school kids. Discovering them though begins with completing an online McDonalds application.


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Who Can Get a Job at McDonalds

McDonalds, while famous for its hamburgers, these days boasts a very versatile menu and it takes quite a few people to keep just a single busy McDonalds restaurant ticking over. However apart from crew members there are also opportunities for well paid managerial positions within the McDonalds organization and the company has a good  reputation for seeking out a diverse workforce that includes employees of all ages.

Crew Members
Usually a person has to be at least 16 years old before their online McDonalds application will be considered for employment and for most young people their first job at any McDonald’s restaurant is going to be as a junior crew member, the people who serve  customers with a smile, help prepare food of all kinds as well as keep the restaurant clean and tidy.

Such positions are usually minimum wage positions but McDonalds do have a fantastic reputation for promoting from within and for many people working as a McDonald’s crew member has turned out to be just the first step on the ladder to a successful career in restaurant management. McDonalds crew members may have a different duty every day and starting at this level can give you a lot of varied experience in a very short time.

McDonalds Management
More than 75% of the senior managers working in McDonald’s restaurants today began with the company as crew members so completing that first online McDonalds application may be the last one you ever complete if a career in restaurant management is your goal.
The company offers a strong and comprehensive training program for managerial candidates as well as for those who are thinking that one day they might want to own and operate their very own McDonalds franchise. Much of this training is provided at McDonalds own Hamburger University, global training schools that were first devised in 1961 under the guidance of McDonalds founder Ray Kroc.

Corporate Opportunities
McDonalds has corporate offices all over the world and there are many opportunities to be found in them but again the vast majority of these positions are filled by people who have worked their way up through the company beginning at the crew member level. In addition to the usual administrative positions there are also opportunities for employees to work at and teach in the Hamburger Universities which are also located all over the world.

Completing the Online McDonalds Application The Right Way

The first step to any career with McDonalds is completing the online McDonalds application. The online McDonalds application is quite clear but it is rather long so make sure you have plenty of time to complete it when you are ready to do so.

As you complete the application you will be asked for quite a lot of personal information including your name, address and contact information as well as your education and work history. If you do have a work history (a young person probably will not) make sure you have contact information for those previous employers on hand before you begin the
application as those references may be checked before you are hired.

If you complete the online McDonalds application you will be prompted to fill in any information you miss out before you can proceed to the next stage but you do need to be careful that you fill in all the correct information. It is very easy to mix up a digit in a phone  number for instance but doing so will make it hard for a hiring manager to call you! Before you submit your application take the time to re read the information you have entered and make sure you have added all the information about your skills and experience that might help you get the position you are hoping for.

Interesting Fast Facts about McDonalds You Might Want to Know

  • McDonalds offers a number of scholarship opportunities to its high school aged employees who want to go on to college, including one that offers up to $5,000 to qualified employees.
  • Since Ray Kroc bought the McDonalds name from brothers Dick and Mac McDonald in 1955 and began to build the fast food empire every McDonalds restaurant has been franchise owned. What you may be surprised to learn is that many of the most popular items on today’s McDonalds menu were not created by the company itself but by individual franchises. The Filet O Fish, the Egg McMuffin and the legendary Big Mac were all created this way but are now sold all over the worl
  • The current CEO of McDonalds, a man who oversees 33,000 restaurants in 119 countries, Jim Skinner, began his career with McDonalds as an assistant restaurant manager trainee in 1971. The current US president of McDonalds, Jan Fields, has been working for them since she was a teenaged crew member in the 1980s! As you can see just filling in that online McDonalds application might one day lead to some very big things!