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Subway is one of the most popular fast food restaurant chains in the US and in fact, across the globe. Subway is also a great place for people of all ages (provided you are over sixteen) and experience levels to find a job that offers competitive pay, great benefits and plenty of opportunities for growth. But whether you want to be a Sandwich Artist, a store manager or work for Subway on the corporate side, the first step towards a career with the sandwich chain is to complete an online Subway application.

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Who Can Get a Job at Subway?

When you think of Subway workers the people who probably spring to mind first are the Sandwich Artists. Sandwich Artist is the title the company gives to the employees who actually make the sandwiches and it is at this entry level that many of those who complete an online Subway application are first hired.

Sandwich Artists
You do not have to be a chef to become a Sandwich Artist but you do need to be over sixteen (eighteen in some states in the US), enjoy interacting with the public and be able to demonstrate an interest in learning just how a great Subway sandwich, and other menu items, are created.
Sandwich artists are hired both on a full time and a part time basis and as most Subway restaurants are open long hours, especially since the restaurant added a breakfast menu , most people can get a work schedule that suits their life, whether they are a high school student or a working Mom.

Managers and Consultants
Professionals hoping to launch a restaurant management career will also find that there are a lot of opportunities available to them when they complete a Subway application online. Most management positions do require a college degree but Subway will also promote from within if a Sandwich Artist shows real leadership promise.

Management positions are usually available across the US and there are even sometimes opportunities to go and manage one of Subway’s restaurants in one of the other 98 countries worldwide they operate in.

Those looking for a consulting career can find work at Subway as well. Each restaurant is an independently operated franchise but Subway hires Field Consultants to travel all over the country offering help and advice to restaurant owners.

Corporate Opportunities

Subway, which officially does corporate business under the name Doctors Associates, is headquartered in Milford, CT and those looking for a career in administration, marketing and other corporate departments have the chance to get a great job if they fill in an online Subway job application and there is a position open that matches their skills in this office or one of the many satellite offices that are located all over the country.

Completing the Online Subway Application The Right Way

Applying to work at a Subway restaurant or in their corporate offices is as easy as heading  onto the Internet to complete the online Subway application. The form itself is very straightforward and clear, but to save yourself time and aggravation you should have all the information will need to complete the application on hand before you begin.

Apart from filling in the basics like your name, address and phone number you will have to provide your social security number, previous work history (if you have one, many young applicants do not) your educational history and information about special skills you would like a hiring manager to consider.

You will also be asked about when you are available to work and what your preferred schedule would be and you will need to list at least two references who are not family members. You should let these people know beforehand that you are completing an online Subway job application and naming them as reference so they are not taken by surprise if they receive a reference check call from a Subway hiring manager.

Before you hit the “submit” button and you send your application off for consideration, take the time to proof read it to make sure you have not spelled anything wrong or missed a crucial piece of information that will delay your online Subway application from being processed quickly. You may even want to have someone else read through it as sometimes a fresh pair of eyes will spot mistakes that you just did not see even though you read through the application more than once!

Interesting Fast Facts about Subway You Might Want to Know :

  • Subway’s co founder Fred Deluca was just 17 years old when he went into business with a family friend, Dr Peter Buck, in 1965. The pair opened their first Subway restaurant in Bridgeport, CT and by 1974 they had 16 locations in CT and the pair decided to begin selling Subway franchises. Today there are more than 35,000 subway restaurants in 98 different countries.
  • Subway offers its employees some of the best benefits in the fast food business. In addition to medical and dental insurance coverage there is also a 401K plan offered and after an initial period of employment Subway employees get paid vacation. Those who work in Subway restaurants also usually receive free food while they are at work and special discounts that they can share with their friends and family.
  • These days Subway restaurants serve up a lot more than just great sub sandwiches. The menu also includes soups, salads and now even a great range of tasty breakfast sandwiches.
    The chain is famous for its commitment to good nutrition though. Their Fit Fresh line includes a number of different choices that have less than 300 calories if you choose a 6” sub!
  • Subway has also made a big commitment to going green. All of their napkins, menus, sandwich wrappers and other paper goods are made from recycled materials and there are now a number of Subway Eco Stores opening, all of which meet strict LEED certification guidelines. Many local Subway stores also organize a great many charitable events to help their community, meaning that if you work at a Subway restaurant you can feel good about working for a company with a conscience!